Rep. Collins: Dems Know They’ve Lost And Are Desperate To Smear The President

LOU DOBBS: I have to say, this is reaching a point of—to me it is labored, tedious, and I’m getting reports that senators are actually awakening to the proceedings. I see senators who look to me dismayed, distressed, and about to fall asleep. 
REP. DOUG COLLINS: Well I think you’re seeing what we thought was going to happen, Lou, and it’s good to be with you again. What I’ve been trying to say for the last little bit is when the Democrats come over and Adam Schiff and his bunch come over to actually make their case, for the first time many of these senators are going to see what we in the House have been living with for the last three or four months—that this was a complete smear job on the President, they have no case against the President. The President did nothing wrong and they can’t make that case. So now they’re getting to see it first-hand for themselves and I think they’re shocked and the language in the clips you just showed earlier—I mean, when you’re now defending Joe Biden, the impeachment team is defending Joe Biden, they’re trying to, when you have rhetoric like Jerry Nadler saying ‘suicide pact’ of the Constitution, it just shows that they know they’ve lost, they’re just completely desperate to smear the President.