Rep. Collins Calls Out Democrat Impeachment Hypocrisy

REP. DOUG COLLINS: What’s the disgrace here, frankly, is Senator Schumer complaining about having to do a trial in which this has been set up before. What he should be complaining about is the absolute disgrace of the House function in getting these articles to the Senate. What he should be complaining about is that they did not do their job in the House, and now the House and Speaker Pelosi are sending it over to the Senate to do the job that, if they wanted to do, they could have done themselves. Here’s the problem. When you are actually setting it up to say that if the Senate doesn’t follow the Democrats’ rules, the Senate doesn’t do exactly what Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler or Speaker Pelosi wants them to do, then they’re saying it is an illegitimate process. That is a height of saying ‘I don’t have a case so we are going to blame the other side when it goes wrong.’