Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) via Together we can and will overcome the opioid crisis

For Representative Earl “Buddy” Carter (R-GA), who previously served as a community pharmacist for more than thirty years, the advances in modern medicine have been “nothing less than a miracle.”

“I have seen diseases that once required hospitalization become illnesses treated from home with medication,” said Carter in his recent post on “I have been blessed to watch prescription medications save lives. At the same time, I have watched as addiction to them ruined careers, families, and lives.”

Abuse and addiction to prescription opioids and heroin is an epidemic in the United States. As the House continues its work to tackle the opioid issue head-on this week with a series of bills, Carter touches on a few solutions he believe will address this growing crisis, including clarified guidelines for physician oversight, promotion of over-the-counter medications over prescriptions, and leadership from members of the local communities:

“Abuse and addiction to prescription opioids and heroin has become an epidemic in our nation and something needs to be done. …At the end of the day I still believe we have the greatest health care system in the world and, together, we can and will overcome this crisis.”

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