Rep. Bradley Byrne: Better Way Poverty Tour

This week, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) continued to spread our Better Way agenda across the country, bringing our plan to end poverty to the people of Southwest Alabama.

Yesterday, Rep. Byrne held two events as part of his “Better Way Poverty Tour” to take a look at local organizations that are making a difference in the fight against poverty. Groups like Haven of Hope and Mobile Rescue Mission. Rep. Byrne joined in a dialogue with these organizations focusing what works and on our ideas for A Better Way to Fight Poverty –House Republicans’ plan to fight ruthless poverty in America.

A plan that rewards work, because after all, a good, well-paying job is the best way out of poverty.

One with ideas to fix and improve our poverty-fighting programs to make it easier for people to get back on their feet. In times of trouble, everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, and we want to make sure these programs help people back up, not keep them down.

A plan that works to improve skills and schools. In life, you shouldn’t be restricted from succeeding just because you don’t have access to an education that prepares you for career success. Rep. Byrne understands that job training programs aren’t always easy to come by for the people of Alabama.

Let’s face it, too many people are stuck in poverty – trapped by the very system that’s intended to help them escape it. We’re here to fix that.

All of us, no matter our walk of life, should have the opportunity to make the most of our lives, to provide for our families and to find success. And with people like Rep. Bradley Byrne leading in this fight, we are one step closer to ending cycle of poverty, once and for all.