Rep. Bob Gibbs: Eliminating Barriers to Public Health

Mosquitos suck. Literally.

These small and dangerous insects carry and transmit a wide array of diseases, including the Zika virus. As there is currently no vaccine for Zika, the best way to protect against it and other mosquito-borne diseases is through the elimination or control of mosquitos. However, the current regulatory overreach of the federal government, the red tape, the lengthy permitting processes, the bureaucracy, all work against those who are actively trying to combat the Zika outbreak.

This week, the House voted to eliminate these bureaucratic barriers to public health.

The Zika Vector Control Act (H.R. 897) sponsored by Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) removes the duplicative and unnecessary regulations and allows for municipalities to implement proper mosquito control programs without having one hand tied behind their back by excessive permitting.

Yesterday, Rep. Gibbs went on PBS NewsHour to discuss his efforts to fight this dangerous disease. He emphasized that this legislation gives our states and local municipalities the resources they need to conduct control efforts and implement preventative programs. He said that this legislation makes sure “our local communities and mosquito control districts have every tool in the tool box to start their preventative programs to stop the mosquitos from growing in population and possibly reaching epidemic proportions

As this disease threatens the lives and communities of those here in our country and around the world, we need to provide solutions to fighting it, not barriers. By keeping Americans safe, we keep them confident in their ability to live their daily lives.

Thank you Congressman Gibbs for leading the way in finding common-sense solutions to combat Zika.

To see Rep. Gibb’s full interview with PBS NewsHour click HERE.