Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH): A Better Way for Energy Independence

When we rolled out our Better Way agenda, we made a commitment to the American people: That we would do everything we could to make the United States the best place to live, work, and raise a family. So we laid out clear policy solutions that address the challenges that people across our country face, including rolling back the regulations that make energy unaffordable for American families.

Energy independence and security are the next great frontiers for America. In fact, domestic energy production is poised to be the catalyst that launches the next great era of American exceptionalism.

In order to lower energy prices, create much-needed jobs, and make America more energy independent, a true “all of the above” approach to energy development is critical. This approach starts with going after America’s own natural resources, which includes coal – one of the cheapest, most reliable forms of energy on the planet – and the vast oil and natural gas reserves in America – onshore, offshore, and in shale plays across America like the Marcellus and Utica Shales. Every source of energy, including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, wind, and solar has a place in a portfolio that will deliver affordable and reliable energy.

However, the federal government needs to be a partner in progress, not a constant barrier to energy development with needless regulations, which is what we see too much of today.  Of course, we need commonsense regulations that protect our national security, public health, and public safety while positively advancing a vibrant and growing private sector economy for America. But, these regulations must be smart, efficient, effective, and science-based – not based on ideological or political agendas.  There are far too many needless delays that hold up pro-economic growth energy projects – and the good-paying jobs that come with them.

A true, all-of-the-above energy vision that harnesses America’s exceptionalism will lead to new innovations and technologies around domestic energy production, storage, distribution, and usage, and will lead us to economic prosperity, job growth, and energy independence.

Americans deserve real leadership on energy development, which is why the House Republicans have voted for legislation that invests in energy research, develops new energy technologies, and stops onerous regulations from the EPA and other federal government agencies.