Rep. Biggs: The American People Deserve Due Process And Transparency

REP. ANDY BIGGS: In the intervening time, he’s taken this to a Soviet-style inquiry. That is to say, everything is behind closed doors, there’s absolutely no transparency, he’s not letting this open up for anybody to see. My colleagues go down and ask to be allowed to read the copy of the Volker testimony, the transcript of that testimony, they’re denied that.

Following this press conference, a group of my colleagues are going to go down and we’re going to ask for our opportunity to read the Volker transcript. We would like to be sitting in there—I sit on the Judiciary Committee! We’re excluded from participating. We’re not allowed to enter the room, you’re not allowed to enter the room, that means that American public is not allowed into the room.

So today, we’re going to be pressing forward with my motion to censure Mr. Schiff, joined by the vast majority of Republicans in this Conference pushing, last count, nearly 150 members and more coming up today to sign on. And we hope that we can get the message clear and make the message clear to Mr. Schiff and the Democrats that how this is happening is absolutely untenable, unacceptable, and unprecedented. It is not due process and the American people and this President deserve due process, they deserve the transparency.