Rep. Andy Harris: If we let the government choose, we lose

This week, the Administration announced that premiums through Obamacare would be going up by 25%.  It’s just one more reminder that this law isn’t working for the American people. What we need is affordable and quality health care for all Americans, and Obamacare is anything but affordable.

This morning, Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) writes online for The Hill, where he talks more about how this law is bad for Maryland, and for our country. Most importantly, though, Rep. Harris talks about where we go from here and outlines the House Republican plan to create a system that works for all Americans, A Better Way to Fix Health Care.

Here are four highlights from Rep. Harris’ op-ed:

  • Millions of Americans have been kicked off their insurance plans, insurance prices have sky-rocketed, and people led to believe they could keep their doctors have instead found their choice of physicians severely restricted.
  • This week alone, we learned that Obamacare premiums will increase nationwide by an astonishing average of 25% in 2017 – and that’s just the national average. Hardworking Americans in Arizona will see their rates increase by an average of 116%, and those in Oklahoma will see their rates increase by 69%. The list goes on and on with several states seeing rate increases of more than 40%.
  • It’s clear that death spiral of Obamacare is well underway. Predictably, as prices shoot through the roof, young and healthier people drop their coverage and opt to pay the tax penalty instead.  And in turn, the only people attracted to these plans will generally be older, sicker, or heavily subsidized people to take their place. Not the mix necessary to sustain viability of the plans.
  • House Republicans have offered many solutions to fixing health care in the United States, most recently through House Republicans’ “Better Way” agenda. House Republicans’ “Better Way to Fix Health Care” focuses on increasing marketplace competition to lower prices, expanding health savings accounts, strengthening Medicare, and advancing cutting-edge research for cures to devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer.

Don’t forget to check out Rep. Harris’ full op-ed here.