Reopening Schools

While Democrats refuse to follow the science and are giving cover to their political allies in the teachers’ union, House Republicans are putting the interests of parents and students first. The data from the CDC tells us that it is safe for schools to resume in-person learning, and the experts have said that vaccines for teachers are not a perquisite for allowing students to return to the classroom.

We know that there are very serious challenges presented for both students and parents by preventing schools from reopening. Republicans are focused on alleviating those and safely reopening schools.

House Republican Legislation:

H.R.682: To encourage local educational agencies to resume in-person instruction at elementary and secondary schools, and for other purposes.

Press Release: Hinson Bill To Reopen Schools Safely Rejected By House Democrats

On February 3, 2021, Congresswoman Hinson introduced the Reopen Schools Act, legislation that would help students get back into the classroom safely. She called for this common-sense legislation to be considered by the House today, but this motion was rejected by Democrats.

Watch the Full Remarks

  • Fox News: “House blocks immediate consideration of GOP school reopening legislation”

Amendments Offered:

  • Steel proposed an amendment to require school districts to reopen after all teachers have had access to the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of receiving funds from the ESSER Fund.

  • Murphy proposed an amendment to require school districts to reopen to serve high-risk students as a condition of receiving funds from the ESSER Fund