Regarding Today’s Budget Committee “Hearing”

Today in the Budget Committee, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats will hold a hearing that’s been billed as a discussion of “Poverty in America.” In reality, they’re simply providing a platform for liberal activists to promote their far-left agenda.

Here’s some of the rhetoric you can expect from the witnesses:

  • William J. Barber II called Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) a ventriloquist’s “dummy,” dismissed minorities who support conservative causes as “mouthpieces,” and he was removed from a flight in 2016 after he got into an altercation that ended with him grabbing a stewardess by the wrist.
  • Liz Theoharis penned an op-ed in The Guardian in which she wrote, “forget the manufactured border crisis,” calling the building of a wall to secure the border “unnecessary.”
  • In a post titled “Voting is a source of power,” Kenia Alocer wrote that illegal immigrants who broke the law to enter the country should be eligible to vote.

Much like the witnesses appearing today, House Democrats have ignored the ongoing crisis at the border. They’ve blocked humanitarian border aid 15 times in the last month alone – despite the immigration system being pushed beyond its breaking point.

Perhaps their extreme immigration platform explains why Speaker Pelosi will be delivering opening remarks at the hearing today…

Bottom line: This is a sham hearing orchestrated by Speaker Pelosi that has nothing to do with eliminating poverty and everything to do with advancing her liberal agenda.