Reducing red tape can put Americans back to work

Rep. Robert Hurt represents Virginia’s 5th District and serves on the Financial Services Committee. He sponsored the Small Business Capital Access And Job Preservation Act, which the House included as part of the Jobs for America Act that passed last week.

Last week, I traveled along Route 58, touring a variety of manufacturing companies to hear from our small business owners and working Virginians about how the federal government impacts their ability to be successful. Route 58 is one of the two main arteries of Virginia’s Fifth District, and it connects Southside Virginia directly to the Port of Virginia, making it a strategic area for manufacturers to locate their businesses.

Hearing from those living and working in Virginia’s Fifth District continues to be my greatest resource as I serve them in Congress. Their input has not only generated positive job-growth proposals but also brought to light problems created by some of the big government programs out of Washington. As I have heard so many times before, the Virginians I spoke with last week told me about their grave concerns regarding unemployment and the need for policies that help Main Street, small businesses, and family farms by reducing unnecessarily burdensome regulations, reforming the tax code, and making it easier to do business.

With communities in the Fifth District continuing to experience unemployment as high as ten percent, it has been increasingly frustrating to see dozens of jobs bills pass the House of Representatives with significant bipartisan majorities only to be ignored by the Senate. While we in the House have taken consistent and repeated action on bipartisan jobs bills, the Senate has repeatedly refused to take up bills that would make it easier for small businesses, like the ones I visited last week, to expand and create the jobs.

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That is why the House passed the Jobs for America Act, H.R. 4, which combines the text of 15 bipartisan bills to improve conditions necessary for economic growth and job creation. From repealing the 30-hour definition of full-time employment under the President’s healthcare law to making permanent important tax provisions that encourage businesses to invest and grow to incentivizing businesses to hire veterans, each of these 15 bills reduces unnecessary government mandates, allowing small business to focus on innovating, expanding, and creating jobs, instead of complying with bureaucratic red tape.

Also included in the Jobs for America Act was a bipartisan bill I introduced, the Small Business Capital Access And Job Preservation Act. This legislation will reduce government mandates and unnecessary regulations on private equity firms implemented by the Dodd-Frank law. These regulations inhibit private equity firms’ ability to invest much-needed capital in small businesses. Private equity has invested in companies representing thousands of jobs in Virginia’s Fifth District by providing them access to capital that is so crucial for growing small businesses, like those on Route 58 and across the country.

By combining these 15 jobs bills into one, we are making it easy as possible for the Senate to join us in kick-starting the economy and getting Fifth District Virginians and Americans across this great nation back to work. It is high time they joined us in this crucial effort to promote job creation. I urge our colleagues in the Senate to pass the Jobs for America Act and the other dozens of other jobs bills that remain stuck there.

— Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA)

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