“I was told in September 2014 that I could not work more than 29.5 hours a week due to ObamaCare.”

ObamaCare turns five this week, but not many Americans are celebrating. The President promised his health care overhaul would lower costs and improve access to care. Instead, all we’ve seen are rising premiumscanceled plans, and a failed website with a $1.7 billion price tag.

This week, House Republicans have highlighted the stories of men and women from across the country who are hurting as a result of this law:

Monday: Canceled Plans
Tuesday: Increased Premiums
Wednesday: Lost Doctors
Thursday: Broken Website

One unintended consequence of ObamaCare has to do with the employer mandate, which requires employers to provide health coverage to employees who work more than 30 hours a week. As a result, hundreds of thousands of individuals have seen their work hours reduced to below 30 hours, so businesses don’t have to cover those workers.

Here are five stories from Americans who have seen lost wages due to ObamaCare:

1. “My hours are now micro-managed to ensure I cannot get more than 25 hours per week. Where am I going to get enough money at 23.5 hours a week?

— Devon S. from Colorado Springs, CO

2. “My husband is a  substitute teacher, and we have three kids. As of April 2014, he was told he can no longer sub more than 30 hours a week due to the ACA. With increased costs on gas and foods, we are struggling just to get by right now.”

— Dawn M. from Wenatchee, WA

3. “I work for a public school district as a paraprofessional and am part time. I was told in September 2014 that I could not work more than 29.5 hours a week due to ObamaCare. My family is already having to pinch pennies to make ends meet. This hasn’t helped.

— Sarah P. from Wichita, KS

4. “I had a good job at Global Management Solutions until they decided to dodge ObamaCare by cutting full-time employee hours from 40 a week to 29. Now, I have to find healthcare that I can’t afford or pay a tax that I can’t afford.”

— Angle G from Trenton, NJ

5. “I’m an average middle class US citizen who currently will be losing my benefits through my employer since the company said it will eliminate all full time positions except General managers and above. No other reason was cited besides the Affordable Care Act.”

— Rafi R. from Sarasota, FL

The people are different, but their stories are the same: their lives have been made worse because of ObamaCare. Millions of Americans have experienced the ramifications of an ineffective, top-down approach to health care reform.

That’s why House Republicans this week passed ‘A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America‘ — a budget which would repeal ObamaCare, including all of its taxes, regulations, and mandates.

If you have been affected by ObamaCare, we want to hear from you. Share your story with us below: