Real people don’t share Dems’ obsession with Mueller

While Washington works itself into a frenzy over Robert Mueller’s testimony later this AM, it’s important to remember the American people have either moved on or never cared in the first place:

The Atlantic: “Washington can’t wait for Mueller. Voters have moved on.”

The Washington Times: “Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Voters don’t care about Mueller report”

The Hill: “Many Americans ‘just don’t care that much’ about Trump investigations, says pollster”

Newsweek: “Who really cares about the Mueller report? New poll finds one-third of voters don’t even know who William Barr is”

Bloomberg: “Real people never cared about the Mueller report”

Vice: “A surprising number of people don’t seem to care about the Mueller report”

USA Today: “As the Mueller report looms, Democrats find voters would rather talk ‘kitchen-table’ issues”

Bottom line: House Democrats are busy trying to score cheap political points while they embrace socialism, enable anti-Semitism, and refuse to secure the border or protect babies born alive – and the American people are losing patience. Speaker Pelosi is presiding over a circus today in a desperate attempt to undo the 2016 election and take down President Trump. The American people deserve better.