Ratcliffe: No Direct Evidence Advances Democrats’ Allegations

REP. RATCLIFFE: So stop me if there is anything sinister or nefarious in any of this. A vanilla request about corruption, a call to say I’m on my way to Ukraine, a five-minute call you didn’t remember as significant, but the primary purpose was to discuss a rapper, a call that you made where the President said, “I want nothing, I want no quid pro quo, I want zelensky to do the right thing, I want him to do what he ran on” and him telling you to go tell go tell Congress the truth. Anything sinister or nefarious about any of that?

SONDLAND: Not the way you presented it.

REP. RATCLIFFE: And that is the truth as you’ve presented it, correct?

SONDLAND: Correct.

REP. RATCLIFFE: All right. Why that’s important, Ambassador Sondland, is because none of that is hearsay, none of that is speculation, none of that is opinion. That is direct evidence. And ultimately that is what, if this proceeds to the Senate, they’re going to care about, unlike this proceeding, which has been based on largely speculation, and presumption, and opinion. This is direct testimony and direct evidence. And to that point, none of that included evidence about the Bidens and none of that included evidence about military assistance because President Trump mentioned either of those to you, correct?

SONDLAND: That’s correct.