Putting VP Harris In Charge Of The Border Crisis Will Make Things Worse

During his press conference President Biden cited the fact that he has put Vice President Kamala Harris to manage the border crisis for the Administration.

Here’s a rundown on Vice President Harris’ previous positions when it comes to border security:

  • She called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings
  • She has supported overhauling ICE
  • She compared ICE to the KKK
  • She said it was “inhumane” for illegal immigrant children to be held longer than 72 hours, even though ~70% are currently in custody for longer than that limit.
  • She raised her hand in support of free health care for illegal immigrants.
    • The Washington Free Beacon: “After Pledging to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings, Harris Will Lead Border Crisis Response”
    • Fox News: “VP Harris, now overseeing border crisis, called to decriminalize crossings, compared ICE to KKK”
    • The Daily Wire: “‘Worst Possible Choice’: Harris Leads Border Crisis After Pledging To Decriminalize Illegal Crossings”