Purpura: Democrats’ “Own Evidence” Shows No Linkage Between Security Assistance and Investigations

MIKE PURPURA: The House managers say that the talk about corruption and burden sharing is a ruse. No one knew why the security assistance was paused and no one was addressing the President’s concerns with Ukrainian corruption and burden sharing. The House managers’ own evidence, their own record tells a different story, however. They didn’t tell you about this, not in 21 hours. Why not? The President’s concerns were addressed in the ordinary course. The President wasn’t ‘caught’ as the House managers allege. The managers are wrong. All of this, together with what we discussed on Saturday, demonstrates that there was no connection between security assistance and investigations. When the House managers realized that their quid pro quo theory on security assistance was falling apart, they created a second alternative theory. According to the House managers, President Zelensky desperately wanted a meeting at the White House with President Trump and President Trump conditioned that meeting on investigations. So what about the managers’ back-up accusations? Do they fare any better than their quid pro quo for security assistance? No, no they don’t.