Promises Made…Promises Broken

President Biden stressed a few things on the campaign trail and during the initial days of his Administration:

  1. His Administration would follow the science
  2. He would work to open schools within his first 100 days as President

He appears to now have abandoned both of those benchmarks. Despite the fact that the CDC has said it’s safe for students to go back into the classroom and President Biden’s own CDC Director has said that it’s safe for schools to reopen even if all teachers have not been vaccinated, the Administration has continued to oppose the science and side with their political allies in the teachers unions in keeping schools closed.

Yesterday, we saw that the Administration’s “promise” is entirely unserious. When asked about the specifics behind the goal they outlined for the first 100 days of the Biden presidency, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that they considered success having “over 50 percent” of schools open “at least one day per week.”:

This is more proof that the new Administration cares more about politics and their political priorities than they do about the best interest of the nation. The science indicates that schools can reopen now if proper precautions are taken. Instead of working to achieve this goal, President Biden is catering to the whims of the teachers unions, who are serving as the roadblock for getting students back into the classroom.

From promising to unify the nation and then signing divisive executive orders that will cause economic pain, to vowing to reopen schools in 100 days only to go back on that because their political allies are not on board, the American people are learning early on that President Biden and his Administration cannot be trusted.