Prioritizing our Troops

This week we honor America’s heroes. As the most recently deployed veteran serving in Congress, I  know the sacrifices service members make when they deploy overseas.  I also know the national security challenges facing our country firsthand.

Members of our military make these sacrifices not for fame, money, or glory, but for their country.

And one of the best ways to honor our heroes is to make them a priority. Over the past several months, my colleagues on the Armed Services Committee and I have worked together to craft a bill focused on rebuilding and reforming the Department of Defense. Our legislation places a high priority on ensuring our Armed Forces have the tools they need to succeed and that the needs of both them and their families are taken care of.  

By procuring what we need, fixing what we already have, and by being good stewards of the taxpayer’s dollars by proposing new contract audit reforms, this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) begins the hard work of getting our Armed Forces back on the right track.

We are seeing a new generation of patriots rise up to answer the call of duty, and it is imperative they have what they need to get the job done and return home safely. While we cannot control the existential threats facing our nation, we must ensure that our men and women in uniform are ready to address those threats when necessary.

We’ve made a commitment to the American people — we will do all we can to keep this country safe and free. This Republican Congress is committed to giving our troops a well-deserved raise and funding our vital missile defense programs, among other important initiatives. I believe that the NDAA  the House has passed will begin the process of rebuilding and reforming our military so we are ready for whatever comes next.