McMorris Rodgers Statement on the Terrorist Attack in Istanbul

Jun 30, 2016 | Communications •

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) today released the following statement after Turkish government sources reported the involvement of ISIS leadership in Tuesday’s attack at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey:

“Major terrorist attacks on innocent lives are becoming far too common. Neither we, nor our allies, nor any other innocent people should live in fear as we go about our daily lives. The men, women, and children killed and wounded in the most recent Istanbul attack were doing just that and my heart breaks for them and their loved ones.

“Sadly, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey are just some of the places directly impacted by the rise of Islamist terrorism. The best way to honor the memory of the victims is to prevent terrorists from harming another community. How many people have to die and how many families need to be torn apart before this administration acknowledges that its foreign policies have failed and a new approach is required?

“To support its political goals, this administration withdrew U.S. leadership from the world recklessly, and left a power vacuum which destructive forces have filled. The President, by talking tough and doing little, has allowed violence to spread across the Middle East, into Europe, and to the United States, as Americans face an unprecedented risk of remotely inspired extremism. At a time when our citizens and the world are looking to the United States Government for leadership, the administration has failed to provide it.

“With the growing number of high-profile attacks, it should be clear to all that ISIS remains a serious threat, not simply a nuisance, and in order to defeat it, the administration must become far more serious about denying ISIS a safe haven in the heart of the Middle East and destroying its capabilities. And amidst the chaos and heartbreak of these attacks, America and its allies must be resolved to combat Islamist terrorism here, in Turkey, and wherever it exists.”