ICYMI: Cheney: Democrats Should Stage an Intervention with the Speaker

Washington – Today, House Republican Conference chair Liz Cheney called on House Democrats to stage an intervention with Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her irrational, destructive actions and her refusal to negotiate an end to the shutdown:

Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney: “We are here, as you all know, still in shutdown mode, still in a situation where the Democrats won’t even talk… It is absolutely untenable and unreasonable for them not to even come to the table and I really hope that the Democrats will recognize soon the damage that Speaker Pelosi’s doing to their party, that she’s doing to this institution, that she’s doing to the House of Representatives, and to the United States by absolutely refusing to negotiate, by doing something nobody’s ever done before, cancelling the State of the Union appearance of the President.

I think it’s time for the Democratic party to have an intervention with the Speaker and ask her to do what’s right for the nation, what’s right for their party, and what’s right for this institution. We hope they will come to the table, but we have not seen any indication that they’re even willing to be reasonable at this point and as I said, that’s bad for the nation above all.”