Cheney: House Democrats Are Putting Illegal Immigrants Before The Safety Of The American People

Washington – Following the House vote this evening on Democratic legislation that does not provide critical funding for border security, House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) issued the following statement:

“Democrats proved tonight that they have no interest in ending this shutdown or keeping our country safe. Instead of working in a bipartisan fashion, they wasted everyone’s time with a pointless vote that doesn’t provide the resources we need to secure our border.

“The fact is that Democrats have supported border security in the past, but now, despite the fact that our law enforcement officials are under siege and illegal immigration is wreaking havoc inside our country, they want to play political games and refuse any common-sense approach that would protect the nation.

“While Republicans and the President are prioritizing the safety and interests of the American people, Speaker Pelosi and her caucus want to move us towards open borders by putting illegal immigrants first and supporting radical ideas like the abolishment of ICE. That is bad policy and it shows just how far-left and out-of-step House Democrats are with the rest of the country.”


-Senator McConnell has said clearly that the Senate will not consider this legislation:

“I’ve made it clear on several occasions, and let me say it again: The Senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing this chamber and getting a presidential signature. Let’s not waste the time. Let’s not get off on the wrong foot, with House Democrats using their new platform to produce political statements rather than serious solutions.”

-Under President Obama, all 54 Democrats in the Democrat-controlled Senate voted to double the length of a new border fence with Mexico, double the number of border agents to 40,000, and spend $40 billion on border security.

-Over the last 48 hours we have seen yet another set of attacks launched against our border patrol agents. Illegal immigrants stormed the border and launched a barrage of rocks at our law enforcement agents and put children in harms way.

-According to DHS, The Border Patrol saw a nearly 90 percent increase in the number of attempted illegal border crossings compared to the same period last year over the past two months.

-Walls Work: DHS reports that illegal traffic has dropped over 95% in Yuma over 9 years since a wall was built there in 2005, over 90% over 15 years in Tucson where a wall exists, and over 92% in the area of San Diego with a wall over the last 23 years.