Prayers for the Heartland

The past three days, Americans have watched tornadoes slice through the heartland of our country. Lives have been tragically lost; homes and businesses have been ripped from the ground. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee as they recover and prevail.

Jenkins-Mayor Randy Trease

House Republican Conference Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) visited Baxter Springs, Kansas,  with Mayor Randy Trease and emergency responders. “Kansans are resilient,” she said. “I know this community will rebuild and be stronger than ever.”


Congressman Tim Griffin (R-AR) told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, “I keep hearing new stories that are scary, but at the same time are heroic stories… the recovery has begun. Arkansans are coming together.”


Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) was on the ground in Quapew, Oklahoma, helping to clear debris.  Volunteers are still needed in affected areas, so consider helping if you are able.  

Alabama Rodgers-desk

Smith’s Station, one of the hardest hit areas in Alabama, is reeling from tornado damage. The office of Congressman Mike D. Rogers (R-AL) is working closely with Mayor LaFeye Dellinger for updates and solutions.



Consider donating to tornado relief. Both the American Red Cross and  FEMA are responding across affected areas. Local churches and organizations are accepting volunteers and donations as well.

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