The Paycheck Protection Program is helping pay workers and keep small businesses open:

$532,000,000,000+ In Loans Processed

4,200,000+ Loans Have Been Approved

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Small businesses in New Mexico getting relief from Paycheck Protection Program

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pratt Morales, owner of Golden Crown Panaderia, never thought he would be in a situation that would force him to take out a government-backed loan. “It affected not only me, but my staff, my staff of seven people here, mostly young people,” he said.

WFXT Boston: Family Run Business Staying Open Thanks To PPP, “Took Off A Lot Of The Pressure”

The money is first come, first serve. One local business that was able to navigate the process during the first round is Lucky Finn Café located in Norwell and Scituate. It’s a family business that Chris Stoddard helps run with his wife Maryellen. Chris says they are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Siouxland Proud: Business owner grateful for Paycheck Protection Program

The Paycheck Protection Program is giving some businesses some extra cushion as they try to keep paying employees during this uncertain time. Child’s Play Toys in downtown Sioux Falls is one of the businesses that qualified for the first wave of federal assistance.

KXII: Paycheck Protection Program helping hundreds of Texoma small businesses

The company applied for what’s known as the Paycheck Protection Program, and were able to keep all 130 employees. “We’re able to maintain all of our drivers, and give them their wages. Keep the drivers working, keep people from having to go on unemployment, keep people from finding another job,” said Sanford.

Bitty and Beau’s Coffee With Locations in Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Annapolis, MD, and Savannah, GA Receives Paycheck Protection Program Funds

“And, I’m very excited to share this with them because 80 percent of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed. That is a national statistic,” Wright added. “Most of our employees have never had a job before. So, when we had to temporarily lay them off it was a very scary time. And so, I’m just very excited to share with them that they’re going to be continuing to earn a paycheck and contributing to our business,” she concluded.

Amarillo National Bank Helps Save 15,000 Jobs with Paycheck Protection Program

“Many local businesses were on the verge of shutting down and this program will save them,” says William Ware, President of Amarillo National Bank. “We estimate that the proceeds from these loans have helped save over 15,000 jobs in the area so far.”

KALB: Cenla businesses begin applying for small business loans

One Cenla business owner we spoke with says he’s been pleasantly surprised at just how smooth the process is. “I mean it took us 15 minutes to apply for the loan and we did that on Sunday and on Tuesday we had approval, so it went really fast.”

KDVR: Colorado restaurants hiring back workers after receiving needed financial relief

However, there is finally some relief. The restaurant group just learned each business will receive around $400,000 in the form of small business loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. Around 75 percent of that money will be used to bring around 200 furloughed employees back to work.

WVIR Charlottesville: Under PPP, Non-Profit Preschool Received Money In 3 Business Days

“We are a small, nonprofit preschool. It wasn’t a matter of just being able to borrow money, because obviously we have lost two months of income. How are you ever going to pay it back? We run on a very tight budget like most small businesses, especially small nonprofits do. So that forgiveness piece of it is what makes it work for us,” administrator Lindsey Munson said.

KHON Honolulu Reports That PPP Loans Have Been Secured “To Save More Than 100k Local Jobs So Far”

Hawaii banks have secured $1.6 billion dollars to save more than 100,000 jobs so far, through the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program. That’s thanks to local banks getting more than 7,500 businesses’ applications approved so far, within just 8 days since the national program launched. About 20,000 local businesses have applied, and approvals are ongoing.

ABC11: ‘We’re ecstatic’: Raleigh small business can pay rent, employees thanks to federal funds from PPP

The Green Monkey owner was recently approved for the Payroll Protection Program, and the email confirmed that thousands of dollars were transferred into his bank account. “We’re just excited we can put our people back to work and we’re in business for two more months at least,” said Sutton.

Fox 2 Detroit: New York Bagel in Ferndale takes advantage of small business grants to keep employees paid during COVID-19 pandemic

WNYT: Rensselaer County dairy farm gets economic relief from CARES Act

As part of the CARES Act signed by President Donald Trump, relief is on the way for some businesses impacted by the coronavirus. One business feeling relief Wednesday is Wagner Farms in Poestenkill in Rensselaer County.

KAMC: PPP “Being Put To Good Use,” Used To “Keep Over 6k People Employed” In Lubbock, TX

WGAL: Pennsylvania gets nearly $10 billion in paycheck protection loans

Nearly $10 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans have been approved for Pennsylvania as the state deals with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In total 36,604 loans were approved totaling $9.9 billion.

Fox 32 Chicago: Paycheck Protection Program offers relief for small businesses, workers

Gary Rosenberg joins Good Day Chicago to talk about how the Paycheck Protection Program helped his company and workforce amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHAS 11: Small businesses in Kentucky relying on Paycheck Protection Program to stay afloat, keep employees

“I’m going to try to have 75 to 80 percent of my staff back, do whatever I can to get them back,” she said. Bartholomew said this decision comes after she learned she was approved for a forgivable loan through the Paycheck Protection Program, which is part of the CARES Act passed by Congress, the third stimulus package aimed at alleviating the economic toll caused by the novel coronavirus.

CI Proud: Peoria Charter Coach receives paycheck protection loan

 “This loan will allow Peoria Charter to keep their employees working, earning paychecks and supporting local businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic. This isn’t just a benefit to the employees of Peoria Charter. It will help support businesses and workers throughout the Peoria, Normal, and central Illinois community.”

WLOX: Gulf Coast business owner keeps going thanks to help from SBA

Delk began the process of seeking an SBA loan to survive. He chose the Paycheck Protection Program designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. “I felt like I really wanted to keep all my employees. We cut back on some hours, but I didn’t furlough anybody or lay anyone off. It was important to me personally, as someone who values my employees, to get the SBA loan that helps with payroll. I felt it had to be done so I went for it,” Delk said

KTVB 7: ‘It was really quick’: Boise eatery shares experience of getting a small business loan to keep doors open

Meraki Greek Street Food was approved for a small business loan through the federal government’s stimulus program. The owners say it was a pretty simple process.

Idaho Business Review: CARES Act loans coming through for Idaho small businesses

Henry Yun, owner of Green Leaf Cleaners, an eco-friendly dry cleaner in Eagle, was relieved when his loan from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act program came through this week. “The survival of my business was completely dependent on getting this loan,” said Yun, whose business employs five people, including himself.

GW Commonwealth: Paycheck Protection Program loans help small businesses

Greenwood photographer Andrew Lamb is relieved and grateful that his family’s business has been approved for a Paycheck Protection Program loan so he can pay his studio’s six employees for the next couple of months.

KETV: ‘There’s a need,’ local lender says of more Paycheck Protection Program funding

Shapiro credits Congress with recognizing the need and quickly developing a program to help struggling businesses keep workers on their payroll.

Pittsburg Business Times: How a local business had a smooth experience with PPP

One of the major features of PPP is that the loan can be forgiven or much of it, with the rest being turned into a loan with a 1-percent interest rate and two years to pay.

Pittsburg Business Times: ‘You just saved their jobs’ — local bank’s staff works holiday weekend as 466 PPP loans approved 

NexTier, which had not been an SBA lender, got a late start on new COVID-19 relief loans, but dove in.

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Reimbursable loan keeps nearly 200 Riverside workers on payroll

Thanks to a federally guaranteed and reimbursable Paycheck Protection Program loan through bankESB, Riverside Industries will continue to be able to pay its staff, even as its facility at 1 Cottage St. remains shuttered.

ABC Action News: Tampa Bay area businesses getting help from COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program

Tampa Bay area businesses have started submitting applications for the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program. The loan is aimed at helping employers pay their workers’ salaries, 401K contributions, health care benefits and continuing to pay the business rent/mortgage during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kansas City Business Journal: Woodyard Bar-B-Que co-owner sleeps easier with PPP money in hand

Woodyard Bar-B-Que in Kansas City, Kan., was only a week or two away from laying people off or shutting down when its Paycheck Protection Program funding arrived.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: A South Jersey bakery is putting hoagie-roll makers back to work thank to a coronavirus PPP loan

Charles “Chad” Vilotti and James Liscio, partners at the 400-worker Liscio’s Italian Bakery Inc. in Glassboro, N.J., are among the first Philadelphia area firms to collect cash from a “forgivable” coronavirus economic relief loan through the Small Business Administration.

Star Tribune: A trickle of SBA funds starts to flow to Minnesota small businesses

River City Builders and Millworks, a construction contractor near Northfield, received nearly $300,000 from the Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program late last week. It was one of the first firms in Minnesota to benefit from the $349 billion in emergency aid that Congress and President Donald Trump created last month.

New Orleans City Business: Government loans start flowing to small businesses

Julie Goldman got her loan money Monday. She’s going to save the money to pay her five staffers when her company, Original Runner, is allowed to reopen by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. The company manufactures fabric runners used at weddings.

Billings Gazette: As Paycheck Protection Programs start, Billings coffee kiosk owner snags first one in Montana

What that means is her 50 employees will continue to get paid for the next eight weeks. Her crew will likely still be intact as Montana emerges from a deep economic decline.

The Pantagraph: CARES Act loan enables Lincoln College to rehire furloughed workers

A $1.9 million loan from the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program will enable Lincoln College to hire back 32 employees who were furloughed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, President David Gerlach announced Thursday.

Tulsa World: Just in time: Federal program helps Owasso Auto Care avoid disaster

Miller wasted no time in trying to take advantage of the law so he visited First Bank of Owasso. Once he had submitted all of the necessary paperwork on April 2, Miller found out by noon the following day he had been approved for the program. As Owasso Auto Care opened up the ensuing Monday morning, Miller had the necessary funds to keep his business running. “The stress relief was unbelievable,” Miller said. “The bills were still coming in. The mortgage, the insurance and that was just on my business. It really was a blessing…It was incredible. It really was. I have to say it was an absolute blessing.”

News Press: Sanbiel Captiva Community Bank loaning millions to hundreds of businesses

“We’ve got over 450 of the SBA PPP applications,” Albert said. “We’ve already got 180 of them approved by the SBA. We’re starting to fund the first few. “We’ve been working evenings. We’ve got employees who will be working Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, frantically uploading applications to get the approval. I expect by 5 p.m. Monday to have at least 310 applications approved. We have 150 applications where we don’t have enough information yet from our borrowers. Those 150 I expect we’ll get all of those uploaded as well.”

Houston Business Journal: Texas No. 1 for Paycheck Protection Program loans approved so far

The federal Paycheck Protection Program has been so popular that some banking leaders believe it could run out of funding this week. And Texas businesses have had more loans approved than any other state in the country.

With PPP funds drying up quickly, Tenn. businesses have scored billions in loans

More than $4.7 billion in PPP loans have been approved for Tennessee businesses.

Kansas City Star: KC Zoo gets paycheck protection loan

“It’s just going to allow us to keep our employees working and keep the zoo operational and we’re fully looking forward to the day we can reopen to the public again,” according to Randy Wisthoff, the Zoo’s executive director/chief executive officer.

Crayons Learning Center LLC in Kimberly, Wisconsin

“If we can stand and weather the storm we will fill right back up – and PPP will allow us to do that. This is really vital to helping us stay afloat and alive during this time because we are essential too and we need to be there for these children of essential workers. We average 20-24 employees on a daily basis – a lot of part-time staff. Payroll and the extra little bit will go toward utilities for our massive building. We barely have enough to pay payroll right now we’re just scraping by; this is a really important piece. Now we can put in place extra safety and cleaning measures. I know the SBA is doing the best they can do, it’s hard for everybody.” Julie Stoffel, owner of Cradle to Crayons Learning Center LLC. in Kimberly, Wisconsin.

River City Builders and Millworks, Inc., MN

“We’re a general contractor. [COVID] slowed potential jobs – it either stopped them or delayed them because of the unknown. The PPP funding will enable us to have the cash flow to call the guys back to work and keep them working – keep them getting paychecks. We’ve been in business for 30 years and have 20-22 employees. It was a relief to know we’d have the funds available to keep working because we don’t know what will happen in the future.” Heather Kluge, Controller of River City Builders and Millworks, Inc. in Nerstand, Minnesota.

Thermal Services in Omaha, NE

“I was skeptical at first because of ’08 financial measures that were enacted. I was really proud of the Administration – they really crafted this [PPP loan] to absolutely take care of small, local businesses and providers, and not the big corporate umbrella that you saw happen in ’08. We’re going to use this [PPP loan] to the fullest extent – 401(k) [match for employees] will go back into place, continue paying our employees. It brings back a sense of normalcy to my employees and their families during something that’s so abnormal. Because of this help, we can get through with a minimal amount of pain and suffering for something that wasn’t their [employees’] fault trickling down to them. And from a financial standpoint, it keeps my business in a healthy, stable position so when things go back to normal, we’ll be ready to serve our customers and community.” Wade Mayfield, owner of Thermal Services in Omaha, Nebraska.

Boom’s Restaurant in Wagner, SD

“Family-owned business for 30-something years. Small town, we typically employ 12-16 employees, most are part-time, the business has supported my wife and I and our four kids. Three weeks ago our sales went down quite a bit. We chose to close the dining room and to go strictly to take out or our drive-up window. When we closed the dining room, that takes away 1-2 staff. So we had to cut hours. First time using SBA. It’ll put them [employees] back on. At least I can have them employed and doing something. My wife and I have been working 12-14 hours a day. For the fulltime employees, their hours have been cut in half. I don’t believe we could have continued to remain open. I’m very grateful, it’s going to encourage people, give them a bit of hope. We also pastor a local church here, so trying to do all that too is tough.” Scott and Julie Alderink, owners of Boom’s Restaurant in Wagner, South Dakota.

Digital Imaging Solutions in Spokane, WA

“The first thing we noticed [re: COVID] was an increase in calls, people were frantic to get themselves situated in home offices. Our technical side increased – all our technicians were helping IT technicians; we didn’t charge anybody for that. I knew we would still be working because of prisons and banks (their clients who maintain essential services). I had the hard conversation with employees – I have $30,000 in the bank and I told them I’d spend every last dime making sure they had income to support their families. [Now, with PPP loan] Jna and her three kids have peace of mind knowing they have an income coming in. [Before CARES Act passed] Every time the President came on talking about the aid package, I was glued to the TV taking notes. So I was ready to go, I was at the starting line. [PPP loan] will help to ensure that I keep my promise to my employees; so they can continue working and I can continue paying them. I’ll keep them on full wages for the next 60 days and stretch it out as long as I can. We all shared joyously in the news. I personally called every one of them and said I don’t have the money in the bank yet, but the application has been accepted. A huge relief for everybody.” Penny Antonelli, owner of Digital Imaging Solutions in Spokane, Washington.

Groundskeeper Landscape Center in Mokena, IL

“It’s definitely a smart idea – giving small business owners hope that they can keep their company. [When he gets the funds] it’s going to meet the payroll. Funding is a sense of relief – so I can focus on running the business.” Austin Chalkey, President and Owner of Groundskeeper Landscape Care in Mokena, Illinois.

Black Bear Diner in UT

“COVID-19 started to impact us; we adapted and were settling in to deal with a drop of 30% in sales. We would fight and work our way through it. Not until the ability to put our commitment and effort were taken away by government mandates would I have needed or asked for help. We are so grateful for the help of the SBA! Wow, did they step up and give us and our 160 employees hope and faith that together we can get through this and come out the other side still living the American dream. We had no idea how we would get through it till the SBA said ‘We can help.’ And now we have hope and are ready to work for our American dream. I thank God!” Randy and Tami Wong, owners of two Black Bear Diners in southern Utah.

Grace United Methodist Church in Glennwood, IA

“The history of Grace United Methodist Church in Glenwood, Iowa dates back to 1849, but the Coronavirus pandemic threatened its viability. Today, there are six people employed and this loan will pay their salaries. Our pastor said: ‘This loan will allow us to continue to meet the needs of our community. Spiritual support is vital when people are under stress and we are responding to far more mental health issues than we normally do. I personally have been counseling some church members, but far more community neighbors.’ It provides job security to our employees who are a conduit used to meet the needs of the community,” the Director of Education said. The element of ‘forgivenes’” applying to salaries, utilities and interest on the mortgage, relieves our growing concern on how we will pay our bills. It is greatly appreciated! The Small Business Administration has done an excellent job rolling this out.” Phil Warren, Board Member of Grace United Methodist church in Glenwood, Iowa.

Small Business Owner David in Evans, GA

“We have not furloughed any of our employees. We feel a commitment to remain open to care for the continuity care needs of our patients. We believe that we can best assist the COVID effort by keeping our patients healthy and out of the hospital. What has allowed a small private  primary care practice in this manner was the belief that the government was going to assist as promised. Without such help, it is not clear that we will survive as a private practice.”

Small Business Owner Teena in Augusta, GA

“This is a family owned business, myself and my son. He is a 4th generation professional teacher. We believe strongly in giving back to our community and volunteer our services with The Alzheimers Association, Safehomes of Augusta, and Lynndale Special Needs (we give free classes each month to disabled adults each month, 30-45 students). This business is not only important to our family (our only source of income), but to many in our community.”

Small Business Owner Wendy in Dublin, GA

“Trying to keep my small mental health and substance abuse practice open. Going to run out of funds soon… We, the little brick and mortar business, are what make this country great. Getting overloaded with phone calls and new referrals from people who are scared and need reassurance that they are going to be okay.”

Small Business Owner James in Augusta, GA

“We closed our operations for 10 days and still paid my employees for 25 hours each, out of my pocket, even though they didn’t work. I pray that this PPP comes through for us so that I can keep everyone on staff without having to lay anyone off.”

Lancaster Online: Mick’s All American Pub owner rehires staff thanks to federal Paycheck Protection Program

Mick Owens has 120 reasons to like the new Paycheck Protection Program, a federal economic-stimulus initiative for small businesses that’s part of the COVID-19 relief legislation, the CARES Act. That’s the number of laid-off employees the restaurateur brought back to work on April 6, while expanding his takeout operation from dinner-only to lunch and dinner.

WFMY News: Greensboro small business owners get relief with paycheck protection loan

More than 1.6 million small businesses took advantage of the program and more than 5,000 lenders participated. One of the banks to assist small business owners is Triad Business Bank, “Our employees have taken this extremely personally, they realize (on the) other side of loans is payroll for individuals or families,” said Triad Bank CEO Ramsey Hamadi.

Monroe News: Forest View approved for Paycheck Protection Program

We were fortunate enough to apply for the PPP loan on the day it was made available through Huntington (Bank), the Small Business Association (SBA) and the Treasury Department,” said Forest View owner Richard Kenny. ”… The PPP loan approval is a huge relief. We have been keeping about 25 percent of the team working during the shutdown and doing some pre-planned improvements. We are looking forward to bringing all 46 team members back to work early next week.”

Cooper Electrical Controls in New Albany, MS

Gary Cooper, President of Cooper Electrical Controls in New Albany, launched his business in 1997. CEC designs and builds custom equipment for many types of manufacturing throughout the United States. Over the years, his workforce has grown to 36 employees to meet the growing demand for their products and services. The coronavirus has had an impact on business, slowing the number of orders. Even so, Gary was determined to keep his team of electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians, including 81-year-old Jesse Knox. He turned to the Paycheck Protection Program, a component of the CARES Act, to apply for a loan. Under the terms of the loan, if an employer keeps his employees for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities, it will be forgiven. “We’ve got all this talent here. What can we do?” Gary said he was glad the loan was approved quickly and that he was able to keep all members of his team. It was then he started thinking about the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). He reached out to a New Albany manufacturer who was producing protective masks. In no time, Gary’s team was supplying a metal nose bar that is a key component of the mask. “We are glad to help meet the demand for PPEs,” Gary said. “I wanted to help in some way.”

Houston Press: CARES Act Comes to the Rescue of Laid Off Alley Theatre Employees

Thanks to the passage of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act, the Alley was able to secure funds to help it continue its operations and will be able to hire back the employees it temporarily laid off because of the COVID-19 health crisis.

SRI Federal Credit Union in Menlo Park, CA

They have processed about 20-24 loans so far, totaling $6.7 million  with an estimated 350 people back to work. These loans were processed in under a week and all have been funded.

CBS 21 Pennsylvania: Fifth generation business survives after SBA loan

However, a small business loan stepped in and saved both the business and the jobs of 35 people who work for this fifth generation company.

Local Smoke BBQ in NJ

“Covid-19 has been devastating to the restaurant industry and the effects on our business were seen immediately. We were forced to adapt to the changing regulations daily, all while shifting our business model. Our sales dropped 50% and we had to lay off 40% of our staff overnight. Our catering went from 20% of our business to 1% going into what should be our busiest time of the year. We reduced our daily hours and adjusted as best we could. The PPP money allowed us to rehire back as many people as we could. Some of our laid off employees cannot come back to work due to living conditions and all employees have been given the option to stay at home with no repercussions. We have immediately hired back 10 people and we have applications that will allow us to hire more. The restaurant industry is still in very dire shape but this loan has allowed us to keep 50 employees working all while strengthening our economy. We have a long way to go, but if everyone buys American and supports local businesses, we will all be better off.” Steve and Loren Raab and Eric Keating, operators of Local Smoke BBQ in Central New Jersey.

Rep Jodey Arrington: Our small businesses are the lifeblood of West Texas and the heartbeat of America.

Spokane Journal: Protecting paychecks in Spokane

Nearly $7 billion of the total $348 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration have gone to businesses in Washington, including a number of employers in the Spokane area. Paycheck Protection Program tosses lifeline to small businesses in Fredericksburg area

“It will help us stay in business,” Welford said of his loan, which was deposited into his account last week. “You just can’t build a business like mine overnight. It’s really important to me to come out the other side. Your employees are family. They have children, college, mortgages, all those things that, as an employer, you take on.”

EATER: Sevy’s Grill Credits the Paycheck Protection Program for Its Comeback

Sevy’s Grill, a longtime outing for family dinners, will be open in time to celebrate its 23rd anniversary. The Dallas restaurant at 8201 Preston Road announced that after a temporary closure, it will re-open for lunch service beginning April 30 with to-go meals in its valet parking area. Sevy’s owners credited the government’s Paycheck Protection Program, which offers federal loans in exchange for keeping employees on payroll, for its ability to keep going.

WOWT: Program helps Glenwood, Iowa church keep preaching

A church in Glenwood, Iowa is able to keep their employees working with the help of a loan that many small businesses across the country are hoping to get. The paycheck protection program is a loan designed to help small businesses keep their employees on the payroll during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Altus Times: Financial institutions react quickly to Paycheck Protection Program

Many local bankers went through a two-week period of working long hours to get Small Business Administration loans filed with the U.S. Government as part of a federal stimulus package…

Scatter Joy Acres in Omaha, NE

Omaha animal education and rescue center, Scatter Joy Acres recently received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds through Premier Bank of Omaha with the assistance of Congressman Don Bacon’s office.

Kansas City Business Journal: KC Pie Five franchisee uses PPP to find new ways to generate sales, save jobs

“There were moments where we were in a dark place and running out of options,” said the operating partner for KC’s Pie Five franchisee. Then the company got a reprieve through PPP. The franchisee which owns eight Pie Five restaurants in the Kansas City area is trying out every way possible to adapt to a marketplace impacted by a pandemic, in order to save 94 jobs.

KSNT: Paycheck Protection Program loans help some small businesses reopen, while others are still waiting in line

Several small businesses are anxiously awaiting the second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding.

CNBC: He was approved for a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Here’s his advice to business owners who want one, too

“The attitude of the whole team after the loan was 100% different. We can think of running the business now.”

Telegram & Gazette: Paycheck Protection Program, community banks a ‘lifeline’ for Central Mass. businesses

But for one local business, the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program — a federal loan program aimed at relieving small businesses and organizations affected by the coronavirus pandemic — was a “lifeline.”

WKRG: Local Business finally finds answers after problems with SBA and PPP loans

Now, 1031 Meals will not have to make any layoffs right now thanks to the help she received. “There would probably have been layoffs happening Monday and so it is just kind of funny how all of these small chain of events connected together and it is saving some jobs,” Akey says.

KETV: Funding from Paycheck Protection Programs helps Scatter Joy Acres stay open

More funding will be sent to the Paycheck Protection Program after President Trump signs off on another relief bill this week. One local non-profit is grateful for the federal help and so are the animals they care for.

KSNT: Paycheck Protection Program saves local restaurant

The program was designed to help small businesses keep employees on the payroll. After eight weeks, if all workers are kept on, the loan will be forgiven. Albrecht said he and his employees are thankful.

CBS Pittsburgh: Wade Heating And Cooling Receives Paycheck Protection Program Loan, Welcomes 30 Laid-Off Employees Back To Work

As millions of unemployment claims grow across the state and country, one local company had to lay off nearly all of its employees too, but Monday those workers were back on the job. Dunes Realty expects Paycheck Protection Program to keep food on the tables of its employees

Thanks to the company having been approved for a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program that the U.S. Congress designed to keep workers receiving their paychecks, that’s possible for at least the next eight weeks.

The North Bay Business Journal: North Bay companies start hiring back employees with first round of Paycheck Protection Program loans

They were in the ranks of the lucky ones to get loans through lenders participating in the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, intended to help small businesses make hire back employees and pay key expenses during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown of the economy.

The Willits News: Willits Harrah Senior Center receives Paycheck Protection Program funding

Senior Center Executive Director Richard Baker said, “When you look at the statistics of how many small businesses actually got funding, we are extremely fortunate and very grateful to get in that first round of funding. If not, we literally would have had to cut back. We are a nonprofit and that money was really a godsend for us.”

WJAC: Paycheck Protection Program provides $370 billion in funding for businesses

Eddie Tate, owner of Luigi’s said laid off 61 of his employees due to the pandemic. But with the PPP loan, he was able to retain his employees and he says this funding will carry Luigi’s for the next two months.

Guthrie NewsLeader: Oklahoma State Bank awards $10.4 million in small business loans through Paycheck Protection Program

Oklahoma State Bank has been proud to award 83 loans to Oklahoma small business customers, $10.4 million dollars total, through the Payment Protection Program. The Payment Protection Program is part of the CARES Act passed by U.S. Congress in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Local business finds answer to keep employees working during pandemic

Bars and Recreation is rebounding with the help of the PPP loan, but it’s having ripple effects. Not only is Marla able to pay the rent, she’s able to get nearly 50 people back to work and then giving hundreds of people something to get their minds off of Coronavirus through Head Space Trivia.



WGEM: Paycheck Protection Program helps Macomb businesses amid pandemic

Some Tri-State businesses are starting to see a sign of relief, amid what they call a health and financial crisis. For one local business in Macomb, the federal paycheck protection program is helping them get back on their feet. Relief funds are aiding a local business in Macomb.

Broadway World: Paycheck Protection Program Allows Arden Theatre Company To Launch Online Program and Plan For Future Season

With this funding, the Arden was able to retain their staff, which, in turn, are preparing to launch the Arden for All ONLINE Program, a series of educational and entertaining digital content, plus plan for a future season.

Valdosta Daily Times: PPP gives aid to small businesses

Amila Smith said she is confident her therapeutic business will survive the COVID-19 pandemic, especially now that the company has received some funding assistance.

WTHI-TV: Employees See Relief Through Small Business Loans

Cook and Son Lumber Company in Reelsville, Indiana is just one of many businesses getting some financial relief through the Paycheck Protection Program.

11 Alive: Small business loan helped keep afloat critical health clinic on Atlanta’s West End

For health clinics and other small businesses that serve low income patients, customers and clients, SBA loans are now critical for survival.

KSNB Local 4: PPP loans benefit small Nebraska businesses

Unlike some other places around the country, Nebraska bankers are saying the Paycheck Protection Program is benefiting hundreds of small businesses throughout the state, including a long-term care facility in Buffalo County.

WINK News: Cape Coral restaurant gets PPP loan, brings back half its staff to reopen

Duval Street in Cape Coral says it received its money through the Paycheck Protection Program and already brought half his staff back Thursday.

The Jewish News of Northern California: Local Jewish nonprofits receive millions in federal coronavirus payroll loans

Then, the federal government came to the rescue. The JCC applied for and quickly received a $2.5 million Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan to cover salaries, employee benefits, utilities and other expenses, at least for a little while.

Cincinnati Business Courier: PPP allowed Cincinnati restaurant group to reopen

A Cincinnati restaurant group was able to reopen three of its four concepts for carryout, after they had all closed due to the impact of coronavirus.

Lake Oswego Review: Tavern on Kruse offers free meals to the unemployed

The restaurant was recently awarded the Paycheck Protection Program loan from the federal government — which many local businesses have had issues obtaining — and it has helped bring more paid employees back on staff.

Beaver’s Cafe in Minto, ND

Blue Dolphin Engineering and Pi Shop in Fresno, CA

“Because of what we do at Blue Dolphin – helping people figure out how to make and manufacture things – when it came down to making face shields, we did the same thing. We started making face shields on our laser table – I can make 100 face shields in 2 hours on our laser table. All of a sudden the community found out and three large community organizations stepped in to donate money. We’ve delivered over 2,000 face shields to the medical community. Being able to use our facilities to benefit the community – it also became a way to keep things going for our engineering guys. I can keep everyone at Blue Dolphin fully employed. That in turn is helping our customers. The PPP loan was really a godsend because my savings wouldn’t have lasted much longer.” Mark Jackson, owner of Blue Dolphin Engineering and Pi Shop in Fresno, California.

Capstone Event Group in Raleigh, NC

“Our entire business has been completely shut down … We had our biggest domestic event, Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, about 30,000 participants in that event, was postponed. [COVID-19] cut out about 70% of our business in one sweep. Pretty devastating blow to say the least. As soon as we started canceling events, I started looking for capital. [PPP process was] quick and efficient given the demand and volume. We have 13 full-time employees. We have not laid anybody off and certainly hope not to. If it weren’t for PPP, the equation of keeping everybody on payroll looks very different – we would probably be letting people go. And the uncertainty just compounds it. [PPP loan] means that I don’t have to have a horrible conversation with any of them. It means that I can tell all of them that you’re secure – you and your families are OK. It’s a huge deal.” John Kane, founder and CEO of Capstone Event Group in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Prince Hotel Group in Yorba Linda, CA

“The Paycheck Protection Program will not only be helping keep us afloat – a minority-owned small business that employs mostly women – but also keeping our valued and loyal employees on payroll and keeping them attached to our company so we can do our small part and get the economy going again. The Paycheck Protection Program is a game-changer and life saver for us. Our employees will be so excited to hear they will still be getting paychecks. Because of this help, we can get through with a minimal amount of pain and suffering for something that wasn’t our employees’ fault. This SBA loan will help us at the perfect time to be able to make payroll, pay mortgage interest, utilities, etc. We can continue to give back to the community in a meaningful way like we have been doing.” Sunny Tolani, owner of Prince Hotel Group in Yorba Linda, California.

Poe Center in Raleigh, NC

“This PPP funding will impact our ability to keep our staff employed and to cover the needs we have and the losses we are facing. We have 43 staff. It’s a lifesaver, a lifeline for us. We were able to go back to our staff and say this will enable us to not lay you off. We have made the shift to doing online classes. It has forced us to look at what can we provide as an online service – interactive lessons, etc.” Ann Rollins, Executive Director of Poe Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Superstition Meadery in Prescott, AZ

“We were funded last Thursday and we started hiring staff back. Infusion of capital from the PPP loan! With the PPP loan we were able to give our staff a raise to cover what they’re losing in tips. We couldn’t do it without the government’s help. That really is making a world of difference for us. It helped to alleviate some of the stress for us and our employees. There’s nowhere else to work. Nothing else is open. We’re able to keep them on payroll and I think they really appreciate it. They’re getting the same paycheck now that they were. We would be in a whole different place financially and with our relationship with our staff. We are a living, breathing entity of the American dream.” Jeff Herbert, Owner of Superstition Meadery in Prescott, Arizona.

Restaurants from Scratch in Palo Alto, CA

“Now we have the means to take care of them all, thanks to the PPP. Our intention is to bring everybody back – 240 employees. People saying ‘Thank God I got paid today because I needed to eat.’ We are slowly bringing people back on. It really means everything to us – the fact that we can help everybody, all our people; it gives us the opportunity to stay open, it gives us the opportunity to help our community. To finally be able to pay them for their work is huge for us. Just being able to sleep at night is one of the bigger things! And to be able to look your employees in the eye again and know that you are able to take care of them. We’re very grateful for the program.” Rob Fischer, Owner of Restaurants from Scratch in Palo Alto, California.

North Shore Neurology & EMG in Beverly, MA

“The money hit our account and as of today, because of the PPP program, we’ve welcomed back all our staff on a full-time basis. Now we don’t have to worry if the limited revenue that we have coming in is enough to keep us afloat. It’s a big game-changer. Today’s the first full day with everyone back. We care for patients right here, in their community; we bring the local community touch. Without this program it would have looked a lot different for our employees.” Dr. Lou Tramontozzi, Partner at North Shore Neurology & EMG in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Northland Christian Church in Topeka, KS

“The PPP put a lot of assurance in for us; helped those of who are looking at the budget to feel pretty assured that we can keep our employees on staff. Tremendous relief. I have been impressed. I know it was a really fast turnaround. I was impressed with how much red tape was removed from this process for those of us who were applying.” Jonathon Mitchell, Executive Pastor of Northland Christian Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Group Living in Arkadelphia, AR

“Also social interaction is extremely important for clients’ cognitive function, so thanks to PPP, staff can continue to provide needed care and supervision for our clients. Thanks to PPP I can continue to pay the staff who are supervising the clients who need extra attention. PPP really saved not only our full-time and part-time workers, but kept a safe and secure living environment for 60 clients – a vulnerable population. It’s not just the money – thanks to you guys, they’re still smiling. Already received funding in account. We really thought we were going to have close down eventually.” Yukiko Taylor, Executive Director of Group Living in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

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