POLL: Radical House D’s Define Party

Over the weekend, Axios featured a poll being circulated by top Democrats showing their party is being defined by their most radical House members:

  • 74% of swing voters recognized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with a dismal 22% holding a favorable view of her.
  • 53% recognized Rep. Ilhan Omar, with only 9% viewing her favorably (the poll noted the 9% was not a typo).
  • Capitalism was 56% favorable/32% unfavorable, while socialism was 18% favorable/69% unfavorable.

Key quote: “Socialism is toxic to these voters.”

And we can’t neglect to mention the mess over at Netroots Nation, where it was painfully obvious whose side Democratic activists are taking in the Pelosi vs. Squad brawl:

  • The Huffington Post: “Nancy Pelosi Emerges As Unexpected Villain At Netroots Nation”
  • BuzzFeed News: “‘Just Nuts’ — Progressive Activists Have Had It With House Democrats’ Fight With AOC And Other Women Of Color”
  • The Washington Examiner: “Pelosi booed at liberal conference”
  • Mother Jones: “‘It’s a Slap in the Face’: Liberal Organizers Are Not Happy with Pelosi Dissing AOC”

Make no mistake, this poll is a disaster for House Democrats. The most unpopular and extreme political figures in the country have hijacked their party and pushed them to embrace socialism.