POLL: Dems’ Far Left Policies Out of Touch With Rest of the Country

Over the weekend, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal published a poll revealing that a majority of Americans do not support the radical socialist policies of the progressive Democrats:

  • Only 41% of all registered voters want to eliminate private insurance by adopting a one-size-fits-all gov’t takeover of health care, while nearly 2/3rds of the Democratic base supports this socialist plan..
  • Just 36% of respondents support providing government health care for undocumented immigrants, but 64% of Democrats back this policy.

Key Takeaway: Medicare-for-all and health care for undocumented immigrants are unpopular. Democrats’ support for these policies show how far out-of-touch their ideas are with mainstream Americans

Unfortunately for the country, Democrats who have spent months pushing this extreme agenda even though the American people have been clear that they don’t want it:

  • Vice News: “Support for Medicare for All in Congress Just Got Very Real”
  • Washington Examiner: “Healthcare for illegal immigrants? All 10 Democrats raise their hand”

In their weekly colloquy, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had no words when Republican Whip Steve Scalise called out the Democrats’ socialist agenda. This exchange furthers the narrative of how out of touch House Dems are:

Bottom Line: Rather than focus on issues important to the American people, House Dems are continuing to embrace socialist policies that would devastate the country.