The 4th Anniversary of Obamacare

On Sunday, March 23, 2014, the President issued a statement recognizing Obamacare and its fourth anniversary. Among Obamacare’s accomplishments, the President listed an increase in the share of Americans with insurance, health care costs going down, 100 million Americans gaining the right to free preventative care like mammograms and contraception, and seniors who are saving thousands of dollars on their prescription drugs.[1]

Listed below are ten facts the President forgot to mention about Obamacare.

1.         The President has arbitrarily waived or delayed more than 30 provisions of the law in order to make it work.

2.         Despite his promise that everyone who likes their plan can keep it, between four and seven million Americans have had their health care plans cancelled.

3.         Approximately 7.5 million seniors will be forced from their Medicare Advantage health care plan of choice in 2014.  Others will see more than $3700 in services cut.

4.         Obamacare imposes 21 different taxes on Americans and businesses at a cost of more than one trillion dollars to Americans and the economy.

5.         The workforce will shrink by 2.5 million jobs because of Obamacare – not a good sign for the 4 million Americans who have been unemployed for more than six months.

6.         More than 31 million Americans will still be uninsured ten years after Obamacare’s enactment and a cost of more than a trillion dollars.

7.         Eleven million small business employees will see premiums rise under Obamacare.

8.         Medicaid, a program that already has reimbursement rates below Medicare and one in which one out of three doctors does not accept new patients, will see enrollment rise by as many as 91 million Americans, 34 million of whom are childless adults. [2]

9.         Young, healthy Americans are being used to subsidize older American’s health care coverage.  Young people could see an average premium increase of 96 percent due to Obamacare.

10.       Every male, young and old, will have access to mammograms and contraception as part of their healthcare coverage.