Points of View

This week, we’re talking budget, budget, budget — the President’s proposals and House Republican plans to grow an Opportunity Economy. Members also addressed issues close to their heart, like police-community relations and their experience in the 114th Congress thus far. Watch and read below!

House Committee on the Budget Chairman Tom Price (R-GA)
Price Discusses The President’s Budget And House Republican Plans
CNBC’s “Squawk Box”

“We need a healthy economy — one that’s growing and creating more jobs and more opportunities… We think there’s a much better way to do it.”

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ)
Rep. Garrett Reacts To The President’s Budget
Fox News

“It’s the same budgets we’ve seen in the past… increased spending, increased taxes, and an increase on the burden of middle-class America.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)
Zeldin Discusses The President’s Budget
CNN Español

“Families, businesses, local governments all have to balance their budgets. It’s unfortunate that the President’s proposal does not put us on the path to a balanced budget – it does the opposite, and that is concerning.”

House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI)
We’re Offering An Agenda To Empower Americans, Restore Optimism
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The way I see it, the American idea — that the condition of your birth doesn’t determine the outcome of your life — is fading. And there’s no better place in the House of Representatives to brighten its prospects than at the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over the bulk of our economic policy.

“We believe that a healthy economy grows from the bottom up with empowered individuals rather than top down from a heavy-handed federal government. Americans are an aspirational, dynamic people. Our policy should reflect that.

“Will we get everything we want under this president? Of course not. Much of what we want to do is contradictory to the progressive view of the world.But we can make progress — inch by inch or mile by mile. To me, any step toward a freer, more empowered American people is a step worth taking.

“If we get to work now, we can get this done. We can build a healthy economy and bring back the optimism that this country was built on.”

House Republican Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry (R-NC)
Expand Opportunities For America’s Students By Growing School Choice
Hickory Daily Record

“While expanding access to college is a noble goal, Mr. Obama’s plan fails to address a larger problem faced by countless American students, especially those of lower incomes: being stuck in one of our nation’s numerous underperforming public schools.

“More must be done to increase the opportunities for America’s students to succeed in the classroom. One of the easiest means to achieving this goal is expanding school choice. By giving parents and students more options, they can find the one that works best for them and gives them the greatest opportunity to advance and grow in the classroom.

“Every student has different needs. By expanding school choice, we provide parents with the ability to decide what educational environment best suits their child. Your child’s educational success should not be dictated by what neighborhood you can afford to live in but rather by what school gives them the best opportunity to learn and grow.”

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA)
Border Fence Not Always The Answer To U.S. Security
Savannah Morning News

“In order to more fully understand a situation, it is always better to experience it first hand and interact with the people who are living it on a daily basis. This is precisely the reason I chose to participate in the congressional delegation trip last weekend to the Southwestern border.

“The situation out here is dire. Next we travel to the Rio Grande Valley sector where a whole different set of circumstances exist… A fence along this winding, sometimes shallow river would not only deprive American citizens of access to a beautiful natural resource but would also do little to deter those who are trying to penetrate our borders. More technology, boots on the ground, air patrol and all-terrain vehicles is what the border agents tell us they need to help secure this sector, perhaps the most porous sector on the Southwest border.

“Two of my many takeaways from this trip are (1) a fence is not always the answer to border security and (2) there’s much more than just illegal aliens coming across our borders.”

Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA)
We Must Build Trust Between Police And The Communities They Serve
The Seattle Times

“Too often a cop’s sense of duty and dedication to service means that he or she makes the ‘ultimate sacrifice.’ This is the delicate phrase we have chosen to replace ‘killed in the line of duty.’ But it doesn’t matter how you express it; it means a mother or a father, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a wife or husband, has lost his or her life, orphaned their children and widowed their spouse. The men and women who keep us safe find themselves in life-or-death situations far too often.

“No officer wants to find him or herself in a such a situation, making a split-second decision that could cost someone his or her life. Law enforcement’s entire purpose is to protect life, not to take it.
“Everyone should be held accountable, and we can best hold each other accountable by allowing our judicial and review processes to take place, learn from our mistakes and make corrections where the process shows they are needed. Communities should not respond by disregarding the rule of law — this can only make bad situations worse, and ultimately harms rather than strengthens the community.

“Law enforcement and communities must be partners in protecting our families. Good partners back each other up — they trust one another, depend on one another and work together. In light of recent events, there are many challenges facing us… We must act together, as a nation united, to end the violence. We are the United States of America: We are strong and we are free, and, when we are united, we can overcome anything.”

Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI)
Congress Keeping Busy Despite Numerous Veto Threats From President Obama
Jackson Citizen Patriot

“The new Congress is less than one month old, and President Obama has already issued eight veto threats, including before some legislation even received an up or down vote.

“These actions completely miss the resounding message the American people sent last November: they reject the President’s my-way-or-the-highway approach and expect us to solve problems in a bipartisan fashion… After being sworn in, we immediately got to work voting on legislation to boost economic growth, provide relief from Obamacare, increase America’s energy security, and create more job opportunities for veterans.

“I hope President Obama will reverse from his go-it-alone course, put down his veto pen, and finally signal he’s willing to work with Republicans to solve America’s problems. If that happens, 2015 can truly be a year of bipartisan action.”