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Every day, House Republicans work with you in mind – making job creation and a stronger economy our #1 priority. This week, we addressed opportunities for growth like trade promotion authority and transportation infrastructure projects – and detrimental programs like the EPA’s new water regulations. Read below for our ideas and opinions!

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Ryan Makes Trade Pitch with Maria Bartiromo
Fox Business, Mornings with Maria

“We’re getting these other countries to play by our set of rules, meaning we will help write the rules with our allies for the global economy, particularly in Asia, instead of China writing it in a way that doesn’t hew to our interests. We want China to do well. We want China to play fairly though. We want China to play by the rules in the free-market economy — and right now I would argue that they’re not anywhere near that.”

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO)
Congresswoman Hartzler speaks with Fox News’ Shannon Bream on America’s News HQ on the lifting of the travel ban on the Taliban 5
Fox News, America’s News HQ

“The White House has been very reticent to provide any information to us and a year ago, failed to notify Congress that they were going to even release this, which is contrary to the law. That’s part of what my committee is looking into because they clearly violated the law. They went around Congress, they worked out this deal, and released these terrorists without notifying us — and that’s wrong.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Trade Promotion Authority Will Rebuild U.S. Credibility
Fox News

“If the House rejects TPA, it will signal to the world that America itself, not just President Obama, has grown weary of leadership. By contrast, if the House approves TPA, it will show that America is once again taking the lead.

“Only TPA will reassure other countries they can trust the U.S., and so only TPA can give the U.S. the leverage it needs to win a fair deal for America’s workers. And sealing the deal will renew American leadership in the world. One of the easiest ways to extend American influence is to expand American trade

“TPA’s skeptics say they get all this, but don’t want to give more “authority” to President Obama because they don’t trust him. Well, neither do I. TPA doesn’t give the president authority. TPA holds the president accountable. The only way a deal gets an up-or-down vote is if it meets Congress’s stipulations.”

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN)
VA’s Problems Take Root In Tennessee
Hartsville Vidette

“Roughly one year ago, the disgraced former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, General Eric Shinseki, resigned amidst revelations that hospitals operated by the Veterans Administration (VA) were plagued with fraud and mismanagement, compromising the care of countless deserving veterans.

“If the VA is looking to identify an excuse for its poor service to veterans, insufficient funding won’t be one of them. Congress has fully funded the VA … The agency was exempted from the automatic spending cuts in the President’s sequester and has seen its budget increase year after year in an environment where other departments saw their accounts frozen or scaled back.

“We need a plan from this President to fundamentally reform and reimagine the way that the VA delivers care to our nation’s heroes and, in the meantime, we need answers and accountability from our local VA here at home. After everything our veterans have done for us, isn’t this the least we can do for them?”

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA)
Why Republicans Should Support ‘Fast-Track’ Authority For Obama—And Congress

“Most Democrats in Congress dislike both TPA and TPP for predictable ideological reasons. Many Republicans, however, seem to grasp the vast importance of the latter but are having trouble signing on to the former. They support the destination—pro-growth trade deals—but not the route for getting there.

“This resistance stems mainly from a reluctance to grant President Barack Obama anything resembling more authority, along with the mythical notion that TPA would do such a thing.

“Only if an administration follows every Congress-written negotiation objective and satisfies every Congress-centered consultation requirement can a trade agreement then receive a final vote in Congress … Conservatives in Congress should recognize the opportunity at hand and grant a crucial victory to the principles of American dominance, domestic prosperity, and government accountability that we hold so dear. “

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK)
Obama Adds to Legacy of Overreach
Heavener Ledger

“With the release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Waters of the United States final rule, President Obama has added to the list of actions and decisions that make up his legacy of executive overreach—a legacy that we are now seeing challenged and overturned in the federal court system.

“The rule changes the definition of a “navigable waterway,” and in doing so, could require private landowners to obtain a federal permit to continue working their land. During the public comment period on the rule, the EPA heard from thousands of groups and individuals from across rural America who raised serious concerns about the proposed rule.

“The House has already passed two measures to block the administration’s latest regulatory overreach: the Regulatory Protection Act of 2015 (H.R. 1732)—a bill that I cosponsored—and the energy and water development funding measure for 2016 (H.R. 2028). Both of these bills block the implementation of the flawed Waters of the U.S. final rule.”

Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI)
Fix Our Roads And Bridges Now

“Almost as vital and common as the air we breathe, our transportation infrastructure has revolutionized our lives through the years. Trips that took our grandparents days through rough and sometimes impassable routes are now the work of an afternoon in a train, plane, boat, or automobile.

“Right now, people who use our roads are paying for only about 66 percent of the cost of those roads through the gas tax. The remaining 34 percent, approximately $16 billion every year, is consuming dollars that might otherwise go towards medical research or care for veterans, and is being paid for by all Americans regardless of road use.

“Our legislation, the Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure Act, would index the gas tax to future inflation and provide Congress strong incentive to bring our transportation costs and revenue under control by creating an automatic revenue increase if Congress fails to act in a year … the longer Congress ignores the issue and kicks the can down the road, the worse the problem is going to get.”