Philbin Slams Democrats For Hypocrisy, Notes They “Violated All Notions Of Due Process” In The House

PATRICK PHILBIN: The totally unprecedented process that was used in the House that violated all notions of due process. There are precedents, going back 150 years in the House, ensuring that someone accused in an impeachment hearing in the House has due process rights—to be represented by counsel, to cross-examine witnesses, to be able to present evidence. They didn’t allow the President to do that here. If this body says, “that’s okay,” then that becomes the new normal. They stand up here, the House managers, and say, “This body would be unfair if this body doesn’t call the witnesses.” They talk about fairness, where was the fairness in that proceeding in the House? And Manager Schiff says things would be arbitrary if you don’t do what they say and call the witnesses they want. Well, wasn’t it arbitrary in the House when they wouldn’t allow the President to be represented by counsel, wouldn’t allow the President to call witnesses? There was no precedent in a presidential impeachment inquiry to have open hearings where the President and his counsel were excluded.