Philbin: Dems’ Impeachment Is A Rushed “Political Charade”

PATRICK PHILBIN: The House has taken the position and in other litigation they’re telling the courts, “the courts are the only way to resolve these issues.” And they brought that case in August. They already have a decision from the district court, they have an appeal in the D.C. Circuit, it was argued on January 3rd, a decision could come any day. That’s pretty fast for litigation, but they’ve decided in this impeachment that they don’t want to do litigation. And again, it’s because they had a timetable. One of the House managers admitted it on this floor, they had to get the President impeached before the election, they had no time for the courts, for anyone telling them what the rules were, and they had to get it done by Christmas and that’s what they did. And then they waited around for the month before bringing it here. And I think that shows you what’s really behind the claims of, “Oh, it’s urgent” then “it’s not urgent,” “it’s urgent when it’s our timetable to get done by Christmas, it’s not so urgent when we can wait for a month because we want to tell the Senate how to run things.” It’s all a political charade and that’s part of the reason, a major reason that the Senate should reject these articles of impeachment.