Philbin: Dems Have Made A “Stunning Admission Of The Inadequate & Broken Process” House Dems Ran

MR. PATRICK PHILIBIN: It’s remarkable that after taking the action of the breathtaking gravity of voting to impeach the duly-elected President of the United States, and after saying for weeks that they had overwhelming evidence to support their case, the first thing that the House managers have done upon arriving finally in this chamber after waiting for 33 days is to say, ‘Well, actually, we need more evidence. We’re not ready to present our case. We need to have subpoenas and we need to do more discovery because we don’t have the evidence we need to support our case. This is stunning. It’s a stunning admission of the inadequate and broken process that the House Democrats ran in this impeachment inquiry that failed to compile a record to support their charges. It’s stunning that they don’t have the evidence they need to present their case and that they don’t really have a case.