Philbin Dems’ “Half Baked” Impeachment Sets Dangerous Precedent Of Unending Partisan Impeachments

PATRICK PHILBIN: Once you make it that much easier—and we’ve said this on a couple of different points, both in terms of the standards for impeachable offenses, but also in terms of the process that’s used in the House—you make it way too easy to impeach a President, then this chamber is going to be dealing with that all the time. And as Minority Leader Schumer had pointed out at the time of the Clinton impeachment, he was prophetic. As the White House counsel pointed out the other day, once you start down the path of partisan impeachments they’ll be coming again and again and again. And if you make it easier, they’ll come even more frequently. And this chamber’s going to have to spend a lot of time dealing with impeachment trials and cleaning up incomplete, half-baked procedures, rushed, partisan impeachments from the House if that’s the sort of system that’s given your [sic] here. And that’s a very important reason for not accepting that procedure and not trying to open things up now when things have not been done properly in the House of Representatives.