Philbin: Dem Managers Saying Things That Are “Simply Not True” On Effects Of Pause On Ukraine Aid

PATRICK PHILBIN: In terms of the pause, the temporary pause on aid here, the testimony in the record — put aside what House Managers have said about their speculation and they know what it’s like to be denied aid. The testimony in the record is that this temporary pause was not significant. Ambassador Volker testified that the brief pause on releasing the aid was “not significant,” and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale, explained that “this was future assistance, not to keep the Army going now.” So in other words, this isn’t money that had to flow every month in order to fund current purchases or something like that. It was five year money, once it’s obligated it’s there for five years.. It usually takes quite a bit of time to spend all of it. So the idea, somehow, that during the couple of months in July, August, and up until September 11th, 55 to 48 days depending on how you count it, that this was somehow denying critical assistance to the Ukrainians on the frontlines right then, it’s simply not true. And now the House Managers have tried to pivot away from that because they know it’s not true, to say “No, it was the signal to the Russians, it was the signal of the lack of support that the Russians would pick up on.” But here again it’s critical — even the Ukrainians didn’t know that the aid had been paused.