What Do The Phantom of the Opera and the American Tax Code Have In Common?

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In 1986 the original The Phantom of the Opera musical debuted in London. That same year, Ronald Reagan signed the last major reform to the tax code into law.

That’s 31 years in case you don’t want to do the math.

Not only is our current tax code old and outdated, it’s ineffective and harmful to American families and businesses. It discourages job creation, drives American business overseas, puts us at a worldwide tax disadvantage, forces businesses to base decisions on tax breaks, and burdens Americans with excessive paperwork and compliance costs.

Enough is enough.

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to move forward with bold, pro-growth tax reform that will create jobs, grow wages, and vault America back into the lead.


Our vision for tax reform…

This could mean a rebirth of American manufacturing with quality middle class jobs and exponential wage growth across the board.


If you like the idea of having lower tax rates for job creators, which who doesn’t, then you’ll love what we have to say about income taxes under the new Republican tax reform plan.