Pelosi’s Push To Steal Election From Iowa Voters

Last week, Democrats on the House Administration Committee voted to move ahead with an effort that would reject the results of the election in Iowa’s Second Congressional District that was certified by the bipartisan State Canvassing Board.

  • This attempt by Speaker Pelosi to rob voters in the district of their voice and seize more power for herself is being criticized across the board:
    • CNN“House Democrats face backlash on both sides for investigating Iowa House race won by a Republican”
    • Politico: “Dems sound alarm at prospect of overturning Iowa race”
    • The Hill: “Democratic lawmaker criticizes idea of overturning Iowa race”
  • Editorial boards have also weighed in to expose how this attempted steal of an election is an affront to our democracy:

Speaker Pelosi has shown that she will do anything to increase her power, even if it tramples on the Constitution or the sanctity of our institutions. That was clear when she passed H.R. 1 which empowers her and her members at the expense of taxpayers and state and local governments, and that’s even more evident as she works to overturn the results of a certified election.