Pelosi Launches New Effort To Undermine President Trump Politically

Instead of trying to get something done for Americans who are struggling or bringing the House back into session to pass commonsense bills providing relief for the airline industry or extending the PPP, Speaker Pelosi is choosing to prioritize her political interests today.

At a press conference this morning with Rep. Jamie Raskin – who said even before the President was sworn into office that he wanted to impeach him regardless of the facts – the Speaker will introduce a “largely symbolic” bill that attempts to question the president’s fitness for office.

This is not a serious legislative endeavor and is an attempt by Speaker Pelosi to use her official office to undermine President Trump politically. She has done this repeatedly before, whether it was during the Russia investigation or her partisan impeachment effort, and it proves once again that she is more interested in advancing Democrats’ partisan agenda than she is on governing this nation responsibly.

This morning’s New York Post highlighted the true motivations behind the Speaker’s press conference:

The New York Post (Editorial): “Nancy Pelosi’s latest coup-coup nonsense”

  • “Pelosi’s noise follows a host of forlorn Democratic get-Trump plans, which hit their apex with her ramshackle impeachment show early this year — even as the coronavirus was quietly hitting these shores.”