Pelosi Defends Immigration Status Quo While Crisis Rages

There’s no question that the crisis unfolding on the border is real, it’s getting worse, and it’s happening because of President Biden’s policies. Illegal border crossings in March reached a 15-year high, nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors were taken into custody, and the government does not have capacity to house all the children coming to the border.

Despite this, Speaker Pelosi actually claimed yesterday that the situation at the border is “on a good path,” and praised President Biden’s leadership.

Anyone who thinks the status quo at the border is working is not being an honest broker, and that includes President Biden and Speaker Pelosi.

This is a crisis caused by President Biden’s policies and rhetoric encouraging migrants to enter the country unlawfully.

For the Speaker to commend the President’s leadership and claim that the situation is “on a good path” – instead of acknowledging that it’s a crisis – demonstrates how irresponsible and unserious her party is about actually getting control of our borders.

After the CBP disclosed earlier this week that two Yemeni nationals who were on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist were arrested at the border trying to enter the country illegally, they announced yesterday that a documented MS-13 gang member was among a group of migrants arrested yesterday morning.

A number of Republicans have visited the border – something the President and Vice President have refused to do – in order to hear from law enforcement agents and get a better sense of the crisis unfolding:

  • Border Report: “GOP lawmakers declare ‘chaos’ at South Texas border, urge Vice President Harris to visit”