Our Christmas Wishlist

We can’t help but get excited about the holiday season — so we’re making our list and checking it twice. Our wishlist is filled with solutions the American people have been asking for — solutions that will create jobs, strengthen our economy, ease the squeeze on every day items, and cut federal red tape.

Here’s what we’re hoping will be under the tree for next year. And by tree, we mean under the leadership of America’s New Congress.

#1. H.R. 3 – Northern Route Approval Act

wishlist keystone

This bill approves the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and in doing so, create over 42,000 jobs, reduces American dependency on foreign oil by hundreds of thousands of barrels, and grows our GDP and generate tax revenue. There’s a reason this one is at the top of our list.

#2. H.R. 3474 – Hire More Heroes Act

wishlist hiremoreheroes

Our veterans have given their all, and this bill is another way House Republicans are working to honor their service and make life easier for them. Because veterans often already receive health care through federal coverage, Hire More Heroes Act of 2013, encourages businesses to hire veterans using existing health care incentives. Hiring veterans not only puts strong American workers in good-paying positions, but it also helps ensure our heroes will be taken care of when they get back home.

#3. H.R. 2575 – Save American Workers Act

wishlist saw

This wish is for the workers. President Obama’s health care law redefines “full-time employees” to anyone who works 30 hours or more — rather than the standard 40-hour work week. For 2.6 million Americans, this means less opportunity, a smaller paycheck, and greater stress. The Save American Workers Act repeals the 30-hour definition from Obamacare and returns to the standard 40-hour work week.

#4. H.R. 1900 – the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act

wishlist lng

Americans want lower energy costs — and so do we. The key to making this happen is alternative projects for fuel production, like Liquefied Natural Gas. H.R. 1900 streamlines the review process for these projects — many of which have been put on hold for years. Our wish is to modernize the energy production process to be more efficient, cheaper, and beneficial for American families.

#5. H.R. 2879 – Stop Government Abuse Act

wishlist stop gov abuse

As taxpayers, all Americans should be able to trust their government– but right now, they don’t.  Our wish? Gain that trust back. H.R. 2879 puts limitations on the pay of employees who are under investigation and puts a limit on the bonuses federal employees can receive. For our government to work effectively, we must be able to hold federal employees accountable.

#6. H.R. 10 – Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act

wishlist charter schools

All we want for Christmas? Expanded educational opportunity. Charter schools foster innovation by removing unnecessary red tape and putting decision making back into the hands of those who know their students best – teachers, parents, and local officials. The Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act will strengthen existing charter schools by promoting states’ efforts to develop and expand these institutions.

#7. H.R. 1406 – Working Families Flexibility Act 

wishlist working families

While we would like to wish for more hours in the day — we know that’s not possible. So, we’ll wish for this instead. The Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013 gives private-sector employees the ability to use overtime hours for paid time off – as public sector employees can now. This will allow parents to take time off to be with their kids, and go to things like baseball games, mission trips, or school functions.

#8. H.R. 4719 – America Gives More Act

wishlist America gives more

Americans are generous people — and the America Gives More Act makes it easier for families to give to the organizations they cherish. This solution is also just the start of tax reform House Republicans will pursue this coming year. You could say this wish is one that makes other wishes possible.

#9. H.R. 3086 – Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act


As Americans become increasingly reliant on mobile technology and on-the-go internet access, there are many state and local governments who see an opportunity to make money with a new tax. This approach is not just wrong; it’s the opposite of what a 21st century government should promote. That’s why the House passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act – which would ban taxes on internet access permanently.

#10. H.R. 4457 – America’s Small Business Tax Relief Act


Small business owners and employees have been waiting for economic relief ever since the Great Recession. Yet, while Washington, D.C. continues to grow, small businesses are facing higher costs on pretty much everything. This year, the House passed America’s small Business Tax Relief Act, which would allow small business owners to expense more of their money when investing in new equipment and property. We’re committed to putting more money back in the wallets of small business owners and their employees.