Online for Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Home Sweet Home, A Mission to Empower

Republicans believe that all of us should have the chance to make the most of our lives, no matter where we get our start.

But today in America, there are too many people stuck in a system where if you are raised poor, you’re just as likely to stay that way as you were five decades ago.

So this week, House Republicans released our bold ideas to fight poverty, which is all part of our “Better Way” policy agenda. As we did so, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) took to and described his upbringing and his father’s homeless shelter, Home Sweet Home. This facility provided not only basic needs for people in his community, but worked to help people fight back against the cycle of poverty and improve their lives.

We loved reading more about Rep. Kinzinger’s story, and we think you will, too. Here are highlights from Rep. Kinzinger’s op-ed:

On Home Sweet Home, a Mission of Self-Actualization:

“A homeless shelter while necessary and commendable, only provides shelter and food to sustain lives, the basic foundation of human need…The vision of the mission though went beyond life sustainment, and went all the way to the top of the hierarchy of needs: self-actualization was their true ‘mission.’” 

On the Importance of Their Mission:

“Of course there were stories of failure…human actualization isn’t an exact science. But I had a front row seat to so many success stories.  I remember a successful lawyer, who became an alcoholic and found himself broken on the street, came to the mission and was able to get his life together and today is back to his old self! Those stories are common thanks to the mission. The mission was not just a place, the mission served to remind folks of their worth, of their purpose.”

“My father has since retired, but what I learned from his calling to help others continues to be my driving philosophy in life and in how I look at poverty as a human being and as a Republican. People don’t just want help…they want a mission!”

To read Rep. Kinzinger’s full op-ed, click here.