On USMCA, Politics Outweighs Policy For House Ds

Throughout August, members of Congress heard about a number of issues back home, but one of the most prominent was the need for the House to approve USMCA. Even a small portion of House Democrats recognize that this deal will create jobs and increase American exports, and have called on party leaders to bring it to the floor before the end of the year.

However, Speaker Pelosi and her top allies are committed to putting politics before good policy, and would rather deny President Trump a victory, even if it means passing something that would be good for their constituents and the country.

Now, unwavering Pelosi ally Rep. Rosa DeLauro, who serves on House Democrats’ Trade Working Group, is telling her local newspaper that approval of the deal will “seep into next year.”

Vice President Mike Pence has been dispatched across the country in an attempt to force vulnerable House Democrats to hurry along ratification of the USMCA.

Time, Pence told reporters at the end of July, was already running out.

But DeLauro said approval of the treaty is likely to “seep into next year.”

“When we get to where we need to get to, we will move,” DeLauro said. “We’re not there yet. And that’s critically important to understand.”

Bottom Line: The posture of senselessly delaying the approval of this agreement for political gain is all the more offensive to the 176,000 Americans who would get new jobs and the $68 billion that would be generated for our economy once it is ratified.