Oh, the hypocrisy.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

First, Democrats chose to block the very funding they once supported. Then, just last week, they doubled down on their false claim that the House hasn’t acted to fight back against the spread of Zika.

Here are some facts, brought to you by several House Republicans who are leading the charge to fight Zika:

On Our Responsible Solution to Address Zika:

On the Democrats Blocking Funding to Fight Zika:

  • Even more unfortunate, Democrats in the Senate are now playing the same game with Zika, blocking this important legislation from reaching the President’s desk. “While Democrats in Congress continue to play politics with the health of our women and children, Republicans are offering real, targeted solutions to fighting the Zika Virus,” says Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD)

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) added, “Let’s be clear what happened here: Last month, the House acted in a responsible way by passing a bipartisan package that included previously agreed-upon levels of funding and other commonsense steps – like making it easier to kill mosquitoes – to combat the spread of Zika. Since then, Senate Democrats have repeatedly blocked this bill despite demanding Zika funding for months.”

We’ve had similar fights before. In 2014, the Republican-led Congress successfully passed an effort to protect the nation from an Ebola outbreak, while providing life-saving U.S. aid to Africa.

Even the director of the Centers for Disease Control, Tom Frieden, agreed that “Congress did the right thing with Ebola,” going on to add “I hope they do the same with Zika as well.” Weeks later, on July 14, Senate Democrats ignored the Zika crisis, blocked our bill, and left town.

At the end of the day, Democrats are trying to obstruct their way into politicizing the fight against Zika—and agreeing with a sensible, effective Republican bill simply doesn’t fit their narrative. On the other hand, House Republicans have been leading this fight and remain committed to providing a practical solution to effectively combat Zika.

The time for games is over, wouldn’t you agree?