Obama’s trick PR play

In football, distracting the opponent with a hand-off or fake punt — only to launch a Hail Mary to the end-zone is usually a risk worth taking.

But for the President of the United States, trick plays aren’t a good idea. Especially when everyone sees right through your distraction tactics.

At this time last year, after a foreign policy failure in Syria, President Obama attempted to shift the public’s attention to domestic policies.

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And this week, the President tried the same trick play. After criticism for his delayed decision making about the terrorist organization Islamic State, President Obama once again is once again attempting to divert attention back to domestic issues.

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And considering his economic record, this might not be the best game plan either.

Americans are tired of President Obama’s rhetoric. Whether it’s his disorganized foreign policy, false promises over Obamacare, or his out-of-touch economic policy — President Obama is not leading the Nation in the right direction.

House Republicans have offered solutions for America’s security, health care, and economy — yet many of them remain stuck on the desks of stubborn Senate Democrats. Americans are looking towards Washington and seeing a lot of fumbles. It’s time we change the game and start applying winning solutions instead.