Obama’s 19th Pivot to Jobs and the Economy

Today, the President travels to Illinois to make his 19th pivot to jobs and the economy taking office.

DECEMBER 2009:  SIREN: White House plans ‘very hard pivot to jobs’ next month – Politico

JANUARY 2010:  “A sustained and relentless focus over the next several months on accelerating the pace of job creation, because that’s priority number one.” – Remarks by the President at the House Democratic Caucus Retreat

APRIL 2010:  Obama to Focus on jobs, rural economy in two-day Midwest trip – Bloomberg

MAY 2010: Democrats shifting focus back to jobs creation – New York Times

JUNE 2010: Obama, Biden declare ‘recovery summer’ – Politico

SEPTEMBER 2010: Obama launches a “hail-mary pass to stimulate the economy and create new jobs. – Miami Herald

DECEMBER 2010:  “We now have to pivot and focus on jobs and growth.” – News Conference by The President

JANUARY 2011: The White House has quickly pivoted to jobs  after the President’s State Of the Union – NBC News

APRIL 2011:  Obama’s day: turning back to jobs – USA Today

AUGUST 2011: Obama’s jobs pivot – Huffington Post

AUGUST 2011:  Obama ‘pivots’ to jobs – but what can he do? – Yahoo News

SEPTEMBER 2011: President Obama pivots to jobs – and dares GOP to follow – Politico

JUNE 2012: Obama to revisit economic debate – Wall Street Journal

JULY 2012: The jobs pivot: With the economy struggling, how does President Obama make the case to be reelected? – MSNBC

FEBRUARY 2013: Stung by media’s focus on liberal agenda, Obama pivots back to economy – National Journal

FEBRUARY 2013: Obama will pivot back to jobs in State of the Union – Associated Press

APRIL 2013: In Mexico visit, Obama to pivot from security to economy – Wall Street Journal

MAY 2013: Obama pivots to jobs tour at end of scandal filled week – ABC News

JULY 2013: Obama will pivot back to attacking Republicans on the economy in a series of policy speeches – Buzzfeed