#ObamaFlightDelays Fact Sheet

At today’s White House Press Briefing, Jay Carney attacked Congress for the airline delays the Obama administration and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are now implementing as a result of the President’s sequester.

#ObamaFlightDelays Fact Sheet
(Courtesy of the Committee on Transportation and Infastructure)

  • FAA has known about the sequester for over a year and a half, but gave Congress and the airline industry less than a week’s notice about its implementation plans
  • FAA’s operations budget has grown by 109 percent since 1996, from $4.6 billion to $9.7 billion, while domestic flights are down 27% from 2000 traffic levels.
  • FAA has a history of poor financial management
    • Three key modernization programs have had cost overruns of a combined total of over $4 billion 
    • In the last seven years, the FAA has sent over 18,000 employees to conferences in destinations such as Las Vegas

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