Obamacare’s Harmful Impact

Obamacare continues to harm Americans all across this country. Below are just a few stories that have been submitted to www.gop.gov/yourstory highlighting the harmful impact of this unworkable law.

Bruce Wright

Thornton, CO

-Wife’s company’s coverage is now increasing in cost, lowering in quality, their overall healthcare costs will increase as a result

Francisco Alvarado

Tucson, AZ

-23 year old college student, voted for Obama, now feels “deception and lies. Obama does not care.” Has seen an increase in cost for doctor/specialist visits recently.

Thurman Callendar

Van Nuys, CA

-received letter explaining employer no longer carrying his “excellent” medical plan. Lost his doctor – has been seeing him for decades, due to ACA – “Not by his choice interestingly enough, but because he “wasn’t invited to participate.”

Cynthia Crumb

Naugatuck, CT

-Nurse; received letter from Anthem BCBS stating that they will no longer be offering our current policy. It was non compliant with Obamacare. New plan up $500.00 monthly and up $3000.00


Los Altos Hills, CA

Small business owner, employees are he and his wife; had to drop group health plan due toACA provision 304 (“marriage penalty”).

Matthew Till

Grayslake, Il

Lost coverage of family of 3 (soon to be 4, wife is pregnant). All comparable plans more expensive; since October 1st, attempted to complete FOUR different applications on healthcare.gov. Each application had technical issues…

Kim Sherman

Sunnyvale, CA

57 year old stay-at-home mom; insurance cancelled Dec. 31; new plan 59.6% higher premiums, $2,000 higher deductible; higher co-pay; at least $2466.24 more than last year

Joan Thompson

Van Nuys, CA
Aetna dropping coverage 12/31; comparable plan is $300 more per month; 65, doesn’t want maternity coverage etc.


Maple Shade, NJ

His Fortune 500 company’s enrollment period ends, he’s left with lousy policies unlike anything he’s had in the past; 10-20% more money for less coverage; will spend $2350 more than last year

Chris Kmiec

Houston Tx

Recently had herniated disc, went to doctor, had MRI, 3 days later had surgery out-of-pocket; fears Obamacare would still have the herniated disc

Cheryl Tatreau

Gwynedd Valley, Pa
“One of the lucky ones;” Cross Blue Shield Policy is grandfathered; upset similar plans will no longer be offered thanks to ACA

Byron Bateman

Taylor, Az

Premium went up 14% as of November 2013; plan expires in 1 year due to ACA; can’t afford other options

Tim Johnson

Belle Isle, Fl

Medicare premium going up

Heather Cousins

Las Vegas, NV
Office manager for a local Chiropractor; frustrated that people have no idea what higher deductible really means; can’t afford premiums or the $6250.00 per person deductible for a family of 5

Tammy Weeden

Grandview, MO

Obamacare is affecting group insurance plans that are provided through the employer; 1/14 has to pay out of pocket up to deductible of $3500.00 per person; overall costs going up; afraid for 2015

Francis Berletic

Boardman, OH

Truck driver; believes in free market; opposes ACA; fears increased costs

Angela Davis

Marrero, LA

Website troubles; crashes twice; online chat person couldn’t help; was promised a paper copy in mail, still hasn’t come

Larry Gusto

Bath, ME

His company’s health insurance is cancelling policies due to ACA—upset, can’t keep existing coverage


Greenwich, Ct

Got letter from child’s pediatrician, practice will no longer accept any insurance because of the ACA, and will operate as a fee-per-service practice; Riverside Pediatrics in Greenwich CT; can provide copy of letter

Steve Diforio

Weston, CT

Extra $1,000/yr to maintain coverage

Tom McCowan

Forest Lakes, AZ

Lost healthcare due to ACA; now paying higher rate, told it will increase again

Robert Achten

Casa Grande, AZ

His worker’s comp won’t be renewed; has had for 30 years

Paul Marcus

Salem, OR

Had cancer in 2007, has $5,000/month treatments as a result; fears losing his current health insurance


Huntingtown, MD

Husband a retired firefighter; expecting to be “dumped into Exchange.” Likes current insurance, didn’t want it to change

Sheila Tobler

Las Vegas, NV

Cancellation letter mid-Oct; agreed to increase to keep plan until 12/1/14; any other plans will be $900/month, higher deductible of $12,000; current premium is $414; can’t afford insurance after next Dec, will pay penalty

Arthur Brackmann

Nashville, TN

Major website problems, had no luck, never got past security questions; 65 and retiring next year

Virginia Murrell

Rancho Murieta, CA

  • Received NOC last month from Health Net.  Received quotes 40 to 50% higher with larger deductibles. I’ve had continuing health insurance coverage since the 1970’s.

Madan Valluri

Saratoga, CA

  • Current plan is not a grandfathered pre-2010 plan. We are happy to support ACA for greater social good. We weren’t expecting for comparable coverage, an 80% rate increase with increased in out-of-pocket costs.

Lynn Fisher

Bolingbrook, IL

  • The cost /threat of Obamacare has cost our family more than $1000 in increased cost of the above listed insurances. I had to go to the doctor last month and paid $725 out of pocket expenses because my doctor no longer accepts our insurance.

Patrick McGinley

Blairstown, IA

  • Policy was cancelled. Next cheapest policy would be a 59% increase.

Marilyn Anderson


  • Lost coverage. Premium will be somewhere around 450 a month with a 6300 deductible up to 500+ a month for the best plan.  Struggles to pay $187 a month right now with a 5000 deductible. “There is no way, no way I can afford this.”

Kylene Gould

Chicago, IL

  • Social Security decided to change her disability coverage without consulting her or without her consent.

Bert Katzung

San Rafael, CA

  • Has sign up for a private insurance plan with a 30+% overhead instead of the 10% overhead that Medicare shows.

Sherry Caldwell

Estes Park, CO

  • The cheapest new policy I can get is $645 a month. My current policy is $293 a month.

S. Baum

Broomfield, CO

  • Since 2010, premiums have steadily increased from $550 per/mo to more than $850 per/mo. Despite the higher premiums, they chose to stay on the current plan, but the plan was not grandfathered in to the ACA and was subsequently cancelled.

Raymond Taylor

Ijamsville, MD

  • Retired from IBM in 1992 & had IBM Ins until 1998 and had to trans to Kaiser Permanente (PK) due cost. IBM sent me a letter indicating I would NOT have KP in 2014 and must find INS elsewhere. Health Care (Gone), Doctor (Gone), Metlife Dental (Gone), my dentist who I Like (Gone), Must pay out of pocket until IBM/Extend Health pays that bill.

Raymond Taylor


  • Retired from IBM in 1992 & had IBM Ins until 1998 and had to trans to Kaiser Permanente (PK) due cost. IBM sent me a letter indicating I would NOT have KP in 2014 and must find INS elsewhere. Health Care (Gone), Doctor (Gone), Metlife Dental (Gone), my dentist who I Like (Gone), Must pay out of pocket until IBM/Extend Health pays that bill.

Don Berkley

Newburgh, NY

Can’t afford price increase; $261.00 per month; website troubles too

Sandra Cox

Blue Earth, MN

66 year old widow, scared she will lose Medicare or Health Partners, she and her son take medicine daily; “I am lost and afraid”

Bret Meissner

Montfort, WI

Independent computer consultant; has paid out of pocket for insurance; losing policy; having major website issues with accessing/logging into account

Carol Serpa

Boynton Beach, FL

Major website problems, poor filing, application status, no luck with speaking with person on the 800 number

Todd Biggs

Chandler, AZ

Out of work due to stroke; major difficulty with website; “We can’t afford to feed our children how r we going to pay for insurance”

Lisa Ross

Annandale, VA

Pasted her conversation with ACA online chat; it’s a ridiculous conversation, ends with “Lisa My experience with the exchange has been awful. [4:40:01 pm]: No such user exists”

Lisa Zeimetz

New Lenox, IL

Trouble setting up with her married name; was told try maiden name; can’t get past security question stage

Dawn McFarlane

Orlando FL

Web troubles; can’t get past the “eligibility” page; tried live chat, said “sorry” and that’s about it; can’t look at plans

Mike Sabot


Asked about exemption letter for IRS on ACA chat; explained law and exemptions to the ACA chat person; Premium half of her income (says there is an exemption if it’s more than 8%)