Obamacare is Hitting Home

Since the Obamacare exchanges opened on October 1st, Americans all across the country are feeling the real effects of the Affordable Care Act. 

George Pitts of New Mexico used to pay $139.63 per month for his health insurance, now due to Obamacare, his cheapest option for health insurance costs $431.

Robert Hare of Albuquerque was paying $87 a month for his health insurance and was perfectly happy with his plan. Now, Hare will be forced onto the Obamacare exchanges and will see his premium more than double to $211 a month.

Adam Weldzius lives in the President’s home state of Illinois. He is a single father who will see his monthly premium of $233 more than double and his deductible more than triple, from $3,500 today, to $12,700 under Obamacare.

Things aren’t any better for Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura of California. Vinson will pay $1,800 more per year for her health care policy, while Waschura will pay almost $10,000 more a year for his insurance policy for his family of four.