Obamacare could ruin home health care

Right now, 3.5 million seniors get the health care they need in their homes. But thanks to Obamacare, that could soon change.

Home health care reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations. It helps seniors stay in their homes  and it saves billions of dollars annually.

But over the next four years, President Obama’s health care law will cut funding that could put many home health care agencies out of business which would eliminate thousands of jobs.

Here are the fast facts:

  • 498,000 people work for home health care agencies. Of that number, 90% are women.
  • From 2004 to 2012 the number of home health agencies in the U.S. increased by 57 percent, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.
  • The White House estimates that 40% of home health care agencies will be losing money by 2017.
  • 51 Senators, including 36 Democrats, signed a letter urging the President to reverse these cuts. But the Administration made them anyway.

House Republicans have repeatedly acted to protect Americans from Obamacare’s problems.

So in response to this home health crisis, Rep. Greg Walden has introduced the SAVE Medicare Home Health Act, which would restore $20 billion to these agencies to protect seniors and good-paying jobs.

Obamacare is bad enough. House Republicans refuse to let it hurt those among us who can least afford it.