For once, the President keeps his promise…

President Obama has unveiled his new environmental proposal, aimed at cutting carbon-dioxide emissions by as much as 30 percent. Yet despite the idealistic, environmental ideology, these regulations will cost thousands of jobs and increase energy costs across the Nation.

This outrageous mandate is particularly detrimental to America’s coal industry. All plants are being forced to implement costly regulations and changes, but seventy-seven percent of U.S. coal plants are facing intense, immediate pressure to prematurely close.

As of May 2013, over 80,000 Americans are employed by the coal industry. Additionally, thousands of jobs are indirectly affected by the coal industry through transportation, production, and management.

Sixty- seven percent of Americans get their energy from coal (37%) and natural gas (30%), and as these new regulations are enforced, the cost will be found on the energy bills of American consumers. Higher energy costs are not only expected, but “will necessarily skyrocket”  – the president said so himself.

This map, created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, outlines what regions will be hit the hardest, both in job loss and economic stress.

jobs map

Congress had no voice in this environmental discussion. By using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Obama was able to bypass Congress, and the voices Congress represents, to implement these new rules.

Americans have continually expressed that jobs and the economy remain their number one priority – yet Obama’s newest mandate ignores these issues, and instead, puts his own liberal agenda before the needs of Americans.