Obama: Health care debate “not speaking to the real concerns that people have”

President Obama said yesterday that the health care debate “is not serious” and is  “not speaking to the real concerns that people have.”

Apparently he forgets about the millions of Americans who are suffering under Obamacare. Thousands have shared experiences with us at GOP.gov/YourStory. They include lost coverage, reduced work hours, and increased health care costs.

Mr. President, are you sure your health care law is not a real concern?

My girls and I are self-insured. We will lose coverage come summer. In looking for additional coverage in our price range, my youngest child was denied coverage from another provider. ObamaCare is out of our price range. At this point, I am not sure what we will do to comply with the new law.

– Wendy, Florida

We just found out that my wife can no longer see her doctor of many years.  dermatologist of many years. We are now being told that, in the 2nd largest city in the state of Indiana, we now have to pick from only 2 specialists that we know nothing about. The worst of it may be this: After talking to numerous representatives, I have found nobody who can tell me WHY this has happened.

– Terry, Indiana

My premiums skyrocketed to $279.00. I had my policy cancelled, then reinstated at higher premiums. This is killing me and my entire financial situation. I have a huge bone spur in my neck and the pain is unbearable, this surgery will bankrupt me! I just had my shoulder reconstructed 2 years ago and that left me with no funds in my bank.

– Edward, Michigan

I hail from the hospitality industry. Because of the health care reform act, I have suffered great losses. My hours are now micro managed to ensure I cannot get more than 25 hours a week. The premium I am expected to pay is north of $600.00 per month. My proposed deductible is $6,500.00 per year. Where am I going to get this money at only 23.5 hours a week?

– Devin, Colorado

Is the President’s health care law a concern for you or someone you know? Tell us at GOP.gov/YourStory.