“Obama had said I could keep my doctor. Now they’re doing away with my doctor.”

ObamaCare turns five this week, but not many Americans are celebrating. The President promised his health care overhaul would lower costs and improve access to care. Instead, all we’ve seen are rising premiums, canceled plans, and a failed website with a $1.7 billion price tag.

To commemorate the 5-year anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law, the House Republican Conference is sharing five stories every day for five days. Submitted to us via GOP.gov/YourStory, these stories come from Americans in all corners of the country living under the consequences of the Democrats’ one-size-fits-all approach to health care.

Remember when the President promised, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? The promise he walked back shortly after?

These are the stories of the five individuals affected by yet another one of ObamaCare’s broken promises:

1. “In the 2nd largest city in Indiana, we now have to pick from only 2 doctors that we know nothing about…I have found nobody who can tell me why this has happened.”

— Terry D. from Fort Wayne, IN

2. “I have been informed by my internal medicine doctor that their group will no longer be participating in my plan. I am forced to look for another doctor for my high blood pressure.”

— Annette B. from Athens, GA

3. “I lost my plan, which cost me $164 a month and included A-rated doctors. I applied to three different companies to see which my doctors would accept, and the doctors said the only acceptable plan had a monthly premium of $286. I was forced to find a new doctor I know nothing about.”

— Katie S. from Irvine, CA

4. “Obama had said I could keep my doctor. Now they’re doing away with my doctor. They kicked him out! After 20 years, that’s not right.”

— Alfred from Brooklyn, NY

5. “It’s not fun when you’ve had a doctor for years and years that you can confide in and he knows you. I’m extremely discouraged. I’m stuck.”

— Michelle P. from La Palma, CA

Five years of ObamaCare is five too many. That’s why House Republicans are working hard to repeal and replace ObamaCare with an open, bottom-up, patient-centered plan that increases choice and lowers costs for you and your families.